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      New csgo exploit, be aware   10/09/17

      There has recently been an exploit reported to CSGO server admins.  In our attempts to keep our players safe, we have disabled the upload of new in-game sprays.     This is the message sent to server admins:  
Cheeky Scrub

Taking a break

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I think ill be taking a break (a long one) from sG community. Thanks to everyone including: Bulldog, Tacky, Killer, Grayson, Lindsay, Ayee, Tacky, Revox, Jahova, Attg Music, Cows, Marine Putin, Hei, Ironic, Got Swag, Revoker, Booch, Dash, Ples, Trinity, Papyrus and everyone else. It was really fun playing and hanging with you guys. Im not sure how long ill be away from sG but I will revisit the servers once in a while. Thanks so much for everything guys. BTW, Ill still be active on CSGO so if you see me online hmu with a steam message :D

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