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sG | Rocket League Tournament (2v2) - Sunday, Feb 19th

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sG | Rocket League Tournament (2v2)



  • RyGuy
  • Wesley







When: Sunday, February 19th, 2017 - 1:00 P.M. CST (Long Weekend)
Bracket Type: Double Elimination (Best of 5's and a Best of 7 Final)


Schedule: TBA


Map: Mannfield



  • First place - $50 (donated by Yours Truly)
  • First place will also receive the Rocket League Forum Badge
  • Second place - $10 (donated by Ryguy)
  • Second place - Rust (donated by Ironic)
  • Second place - Bastion (donated by Beerman)

Please PM me if you'd like to donate to the tournament.  HeyGuys



Sign up in this thread as such:


Team Name: Brotherman Bills
Team Members: Bill, Ted (Please link the steam profile of each player so team can reference if that player is playing)


Note: All team members must be mentioned, along with their steam profiles link, in the Captain's Post in this thread before a team is considered for the Tournament.


Prior to registering for the tournament, please make sure you are available for Sunday, February 19th. I am giving you enough notice to book this day off if need be. Please have the common courtesy to do so, if you think you might be working. There will be no subs or replacements once the tournament has started. If you'd like to change your teammate, please contact me to do so prior to 1PM CST on tournament day.





1 - General


1.1 - This page contains the comprehensive rules governing gameplay and conduct within the sG Rocket League Tournament. Whilst we have endeavored to ensure all rules provide adequate guidance to meet all eventualities, instances may occur where teams feel that further guidance is needed. In such an event, contact Travesty.

1.2 - All competitors involved in the sG Rocket League Tournament are expected to know and understand all of the rules. Not knowing that a rule existed is not an excuse for breaking that rule.

1.3 - Any rule being broken may lead to disciplinary action. This action will be at the discretion of the Admin(s) involved, and the situation will be taken into account. Punishment may include, but not be limited to, forfeits, replays, penalty points, kicks, temporary and permanent bans.

1.4 - Rosters must be submitted to the signup thread before the signup deadline. No substitutes or pick-ups will be permitted after the start of the tournament.

1.5 - Matches will consist of one team facing another team.

1.6 - Please ensure all Steam Profiles/PSN IDs are linked in the signup thread prior to registering.

1.7 - Matches must be played at the times specified in the schedule

1.8 - Players participating in the competition must compete under the same Steam ID/PSN throughout.

1.9 - Players who compete in the competition must only use one Steam ID/PSN and play for only one team in the competition. For all avoidance of doubt, once you play for one team you can not play for another even if your first team is out.

1.10 - Players who leave one team, are not permitted to participate on a different team until the end of the competition i.e. Only one team per competition. Any players found breaking this rule will result in an instant ban from all tournaments for a year.

1.11 - Your Steam ID/PSN must match that displayed on your team roster. If you change your Steam ID, you must get your captain to update your roster.

1.12 - If a player no-shows (does not inform team members and/or staff members, prior to the tournament start, of their absence), they will be banned from ALL sG Tournaments for a year.



2 - Competition Guidelines


2.1 - The fixture list and set game times will be released before the tournament begins.

2.2 - The top-seeded team will host a private match.

2.3 - It is the responsibility of both teams to ensure a lobby is created and all players know their specified Match Name and Password.

2.4 - A team has 15 minutes to show up with the at least TWO players and be ready to start the match. Failure to do so will result in a forfeit. Also, it is both teams responsibility to check rosters before the fixture is played to make sure that all players are eligible to play.

2.5 - Should a player be unable to connect at the start of a game, the game can be restarted within the first 30 seconds, or until the first goal has been scored.

2.6 - If a player disconnects during the game the game must continue until finished. The player will be able to reconnect during the match and in between matches.

2.7 - In the event that an entire team disconnects, the team forfeits the current game.

2.8 - At least, 1 member of each team should take a Screenshot(s) of each map's result. Screenshots should contain the map score, players on each team, and as well as the MVP of the game. PLEASE ENSURE TO TAKE THE SCREENSHOT SO MVP STARS CAN BE COUNTED FOR THE FINAL TALLY.

2.9 - The player on the winning team with the most MVP stars at the end of the tournament will get first choice of the donated prize list.



3 - Match Specific


3.1 - Matches will be BO5, Final will be BO7 with 1 game going to the Winner of the Upper Bracket.

3.2 - The top-seeded team will always select BLUE TEAM. The bottom-seeded team will always select ORANGE TEAM.

3.3 - Private match settings:

Arena: Mannfield
Team Size: 2v2
Bot Difficulty: No Bots
Region: US-EAST
Name: ie. sgmatch1

Password. ie. sgmatch1

3.4 - Teams are allowed to choose a different stadium should both teams agree.

3.5 - Only the participants of the specified match and the shoutcaster/spectator will be able to join the designated private match lobby. A player that joins a lobby or a team, who is not playing in the designated match, will be subject to punishment. Especially players interrupting the game or changing its influence. Restart the game if the match starts before teams are ready to play.



4 - Creating a lobby


4.1 - The top seeded team will create the private lobby.


To create a lobby in Rocket League, follow these steps.

  • Select 'Play Online'
  • Select 'Create Private Match'


Once you've created the match, update the match setting to look like the following:

Select 'Create Match' and use the Match Name and Password corresponding to the match you're in. 

Do not select a team until ALL players from BOTH teams have joined the match.


To join the game; select 'Join Private Match' and enter the Name/Password for your match.



If you're in Match 4

The name and password for your match will be: sgmatch4


Once you have connected, wait until all 4 players have connected and are spectating, then choose your team.


And now you're ready to play!



5 - Reporting Scores


5.1 - The winning team must report the Match results within 10 minutes of its completion.

5.2 - To report the Match results, teams must report the Match Score accurately, with overall games won being reported in the Match Results and Screenshots Thread

For example: Brotherman Bills 3 - Foot Fairies 2

Then post the screenshots of each game in the screenshot thread (there should be 5 screenshots for the example game)

5.3 - If a team enters the result differently, please notify Travesty of the discrepancy and he will intervene at his earliest convenience.

5.4 - Teams/players found to be deliberately misentering results may face disciplinary action from Travesty.

5.5 - If a Match is not played, and neither team reports a No Show, awarding of the Match win will be decided by a Travesty.



6 - Conduct


6.1 - All participants in any sG competition will be required to uphold to the highest standards and observe common sportsmanship. sG Global Guidelines apply. Racism will NOT be tolerated. Being abusive in any way towards fellow players or admins will also result in disciplinary action.

6.2 - Anyone who has been caught cheating in any sG event may be suspended from all future sG events. sG Staff will review cases and players may be suspended for a period of not less than one year and is subject to review by sG admins for readmission after that point. If a player is caught cheating in a sG match, their team shall forfeit that game. sG will not conduct witch-hunts to try and find cheat violations against players.

6.3 - Players are expected to compete in a professional manner. Throwing a match, halting play without cause, or showing a flagrant lack of effort will be construed as a violation of player conduct, and will result in match forfeit and disqualification from the sG Rocket League Tournament Event.

6.4 - Consequences for players and teams behaving in a manner considered by admins to be exploiting, abusive, glitching, modding, cheating, unsporting, or who in any way conduct themselves in a manner not befitting the competition, will be subject to the following minimum sanctions:

a. First offence, player warned.
b. Second offence, suspension from the next tournament for the player/players involved.
c. In the event of the same or another player from the same team stepping out of line, the team will be warned and players will be banned from playing in future Rocket League tournaments.
d. Any further offences will result in the team being permanently removed from the competition.

6.5 - Players found to be abusing the game mechanic to gain an advantage in a way considered by the admin team to be unsporting will result in an admin review of the match and suitable remediation will be made in respect of that game. This will include, but is not limited to: overturning match results and awarding default wins, points deduction, player/team temporary or permanent bans.



7 - Prizes


7.1 - All results and final placements are verified by Travesty before prizes are awarded.

7.2 - If one or more players are found to have broken any rules then the entire team will forfeit their prize.

7.3 - In order to be a prize winner you must meet the prerequisites.



8 - Shoutcaster/Spectators


8.1 - A designated shoutcaster will be announced prior to the tournament.

8.2 - Only the designated shoutcaster will be able to spectate and join all matches of the tournament. Please see the twitch link if you want to watch the games.

8.3 - Any players interrupting the games or taking a slot and not allowing participants of the match to join will be punished.



9 - Miscellaneous


9.1 - We reserve the right to modify the rules at any time. This includes changes due to software updates or releases, and any other change deemed necessary by the tournament. You must understand that the rules listed are guidelines to try and ensure fair and competitive play, and they will be applied by officials based on the spirit of the game. Teams should check the rules prior to any event to ensure they are in compliance. They should also keep an eye on this thread as changes will be announced within it. You must be familiar with the current rule set.

9.2 - Failure to comply with these rules may result in disqualification and/or suspension from future events.




Edited by Travesty

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3 minutes ago, ctark said:

I'm sorry trav, since you are no longer a member of staff, you can't authorize the give away of forum badges anymore.


I have my connections ;)

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3 minutes ago, TurtleFrenzy said:

i'm horrible, sub 5 hours logged, but if another scrub wants to team just for funsies hit me up

Sure! will join you, I'm bad with name so I leave to your decision of our team's name

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16 hours ago, Ian Kinsler said:

I would love to do play by play for a game on the stream.


I'm not sure who's streaming it but would like it if someone did so people could watch the matches.

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On 1/23/2017 at 7:50 PM, krony said:

Sure! will join you, I'm bad with name so I leave to your decision of our team's name

rip, I have business that weekend that got moved up from originally being this weekend. Sorry man.

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