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      New csgo exploit, be aware   10/09/17

      There has recently been an exploit reported to CSGO server admins.  In our attempts to keep our players safe, we have disabled the upload of new in-game sprays.     This is the message sent to server admins:  

sG | Rocket League Tournament (2v2) - Sunday, Feb 19th

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1:00 PM CST

Matches  1,  2,  3,  4


1:30 PM CST

Matches  5,  6,  7,  8,


2:00 PM CST

Matches  9,  10,  11,  12


2:30 PM CST

Matches  13,  14,  15,  16


3:00 PM CST

Matches  17,  18


3:30 PM CST

Match  19,  20


4:00 PM CST

Match  21


4:45 PM CST





@Swed @Eeiu @vEntus @chefbrian @Mnkeydude @Bluestreakid15 @Ironic @Kit @krony @sweetrock @ZachPL @Ichalvl @Daileyyy @Destin @Cody

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3 - Match Specific


3.1 - Matches will be BO5, Final will be BO7 with 1 game going to the Winner of the Upper Bracket.

3.2 - The top-seeded team will always select BLUE TEAM. The bottom-seeded team will always select ORANGE TEAM.

3.3 - Private match settings:

Arena: Mannfield
Team Size: 2v2
Bot Difficulty: No Bots
Region: US-EAST
Name: ie. sgmatch1

Password. ie. sgmatch1

3.4 - Teams are allowed to choose a different stadium should both teams agree.

3.5 - Only the participants of the specified match and the shoutcaster/spectator will be able to join the designated private match lobby. A player that joins a lobby or a team, who is not playing in the designated match, will be subject to punishment. Especially players interrupting the game or changing its influence. Restart the game if the match starts before teams are ready to play.




4 - Creating a lobby


4.1 - The top seeded team will create the private lobby.


To create a lobby in Rocket League, follow these steps.

  • Select 'Play Online'
  • Select 'Create Private Match'


Once you've created the match, update the match setting to look like the following:

Select 'Create Match' and use the Match Name and Password corresponding to the match you're in. 

Do not select a team until ALL players from BOTH teams have joined the match.


To join the game; select 'Join Private Match' and enter the Name/Password for your match.



If you're in Match 4

The name and password for your match will be: sgmatch4


Once you have connected, wait until all 4 players have connected and are spectating, then choose your team.


And now you're ready to play!




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14 minutes ago, RyGuyWithWifi said:


If entry is still open we'd love to play. 

Can I bribe you with a donation to the prize pool to let us in?


Bribes to the prize pool will always be accepted haha. 


I'll edit sched tomorrow. More the merrier. 

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Updated the schedule.


If you don't know our teamspeak, come into voice.joinsg.net in order to schedule your matchups, if needed. If everyone could use their respective forum/steam name that would be great so teams know which team to contact.




Teams will have a minimum of 10 minutes to create/connect to the match before it is forfeited. If one person is there, they may start the match 2v1 until their partner joins. If you don't think your partner is showing up. Have the courtesy to forfeit the match in order to not waste the other teams time.


Thanks for joining! Have fun!

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6 minutes ago, RyGuyWithWifi said:

.team vs gmodfegs


.team wins game 1 13-0


match forfeit by gmod


hes gonna submit the screenshot



I'm gonna go ahead and forfeit my team from the Tournament, not to waste anyone's time. Good luck to the remaining teams! (Btw, I did come close a few times to making a goal!") (Also, FUCK YOU @Bluestreakid15 FOR NOT TELLING ME YOU COULDN'T MAKE IT!!!)

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Match 2

Team Raw furries vs Rush B

 best out of 5

Winner team is Rush B with 3 out of 5.


Forgot to took screenshot for first match it was 1-9 

2nd match http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/94977083352618915/2943FC95CD7558672279818EC0BEABC43AEBF39E/

3rd match http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/94977083352619024/6370A12D5C1D9D065FC39D0300D97E11A0882B96/


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