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      GCC and our Global Rules   11/12/17

      With our new partnership with GCC, we want to make sure everyone understands you are representing sG when you join other communities' forums, servers and discords etc. All sG global rules will be enforced strictly when visiting other communities, including GCC.  Trolling and harassment will not be tolerated and will result in punishment across all of sG.  This is your only warning, represent us well out there.
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      ZE Event Online   11/20/17

      The ZE event is online! Come join the server to try to get those juicy prizes.   http://www.joinsg.net/forums/topic/76776-ze-team-wars-nov-20-nov-27/    
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Staff Changes - 12/2/16

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Congrats everyone! 

27 minutes ago, Mimic said:



Now, on to the actual Staff changes. Please welcome the following members to the Recruitment Officer team working under Fugner to ensure events are planned, scheduled, and executed efficiently and properly:

  • TotesMagotes - Recruitment Officer
  • Will.Alaska - Recruitment Officer
  • MarkFromFacebook - Recruitment Officer
  • ATTG Agent - Recruitment Officer




In addition, please welcome the following members to the Advisor team to be working with their respective servers Engineers, department Managers, and Community


  • Chewy - Zombie Escape Advisor
  • Avenger - GMOD TTT Advisor



Along with additions to Staff in some situations we must also adjust the responsibilities for various members of Staff. In this case, due to his position effectively being phased out and it’s responsibilities to be included in the responsibility of other members of staff, ChosenOne2000 will be joining the Recruitment Officer team helping Fugner and the Recruitment Officers with events now and in the future.




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