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Steam Download Issue Fix

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Alot of people (including myself) have had a "blinking download" issue, where the game you are downloading will switch inbetween being queued and downloading. Here are 2 temporary fixes until Valve fixes the issue. 

Fix 1: Region change.

This is the easiest fix so far, and is the highest recommended fix. Try using this fix first. Steam has the blinking download issue on ALL US servers, so I recommend switching to any other server, such as Sweden. To do this, click Steam in the top-left corner of your client, then click settings. On the left side, click downloads, and select the box under "Download Region". Selecting anything but a US server will fix the glitch, I recommend using European servers.

Fix 2: Stacking the Glitch.

Another fix is to "stack" a game on-top of the one you are downloading, causing that game to glitch and your first one to download. I only recommend doing this if Fix 1 did not work for you. To do this you must have a second game in your library. If you do not, just download a free game such as TF2, Dota 2, or Warframe, found in the Free Games section of the store.

After this is finished, go to your library and download the second game you wish to stack. Then once that is done, the second and first game should switch to download automatically, causing your first game to finish!


Original Post: http://steamcommunity.com/discussions/forum/1/558755529437739110/

I hope this helps anybody with the issue until Valve releases a patch.

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