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Warcraft 3 Changelog

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High Priestess now ignores bullets entirely in spirit form, to prevent sound spam (headshotting the priestess)

Reduced screen flash effect when in spirit form


A lot more commands are restricted to staff only, a lot more commands are restricted to war3 developers only, a lot more commands log to my admin logs, and a handful of commands were removed entirely. As always, please let me know if you see anyone abusing or using their admin in a way that is a detriment to the server.



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Whoring prevention plugin is now more thorough and resets your race on race change or on spawn


  • Dread Knight cooldown on acute senses is now 10 sec on spawn (down from 15)
  • Molecule deals magic damage again with his knife reflect instead of true damage - it was too strong with true damage
  • Ruthless Mercenary grenades have a slightly lower radius and slightly less damage
  • Shinobi Aruki now ticks poison every 0.4 seconds (increased speed from 0.5 seconds) and the debuff resets when the poison ends - so you can poison a player back to back (2 second poison duration total)
  • Takeno's knife is invisible
  • Unholy Paladin now can over-heal with leach effect
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  • now absorbs 35% of dmg via armor (up from 30%)
  • Bash chance is now 25% (up from 21%) and bash duration is 1.4 sec (up from 1.0 sec)
  • Ult cooldown is now 33 sec (down from 35 sec)

Bulbasaur - now deals +8 dmg on hit (up from +6)

Corpse Bomber - now has a 0.1 second cooldown on detonate if there is no player to detonate (down from 1.0 second)

Kozu - now has +40 hp (up from 35 hp) like the text print previously stated

Jaraxxus - Fel Lightning now properly increases damage dealt when you have Nether Power (instead of decreasing damage dealt). This is a pretty substantial buff to the skill. As such, I dropped the scaling from 40% more damage per chain hit, to 30% more damage per chain hit. It also now has a HUD display showing nether stacks.

Undead Scourge - now leeches 30% of hp (up from 25%)



Bug fixes:

Dark Templar - no longer lose psionic shield to teammates
Dread Knight - Acute senses should no longer ignore players with custom knife models (pay2win?) - also it now has a HUD display showing you if Acute senses is ready

Fixed some text discrepancies on Yrel and Priest skills.


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More updates to the whoring prevention plugin


Archmage Proudmoore properly gets the correct amount of ammo

Razorleaf now won't repeat on shotgun hits

Night Elf Elder now has 10% move speed during ultimate

Yrel now generates 6 holy power per second up to 125 (was 5 per second up to 100). Judgment can now heal players up to 40 (up from 25). Speed buff is still calculated off 100 max holy power - so if you use judgment you don't immediately start dropping in speed, and if you ult you don't lose a huge portion of it - just some.


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Big buffs woah


Bounty Hunter

  • Now steals up to 3% cash per hit (up from 2% per hit)
  • Now has HUD text showing crit chance - allowing for more strategic use of the crit skill

Curse Pharaoh

  • Now resists up to 40% of damage (up from 30%) and now includes MAGIC and PHYSICAL (previously only physical)
  • Now passively regenerates 5 hp/sec, even when not moving.

Forest Elf

  • Ult cooldown is 4 seconds (down from 5 seconds)
  • Invis in ult is now 90% (up from 85%)

Frodo Baggins

  • Now spawns with up to 250 armor (up from 100 armor)
  • Skill now states that armor absorbs damage, and the amount of damage absorbed has been increased from 60% to 65%

Grim Reaper

  • Now has a 100% chance to spawn with slow and bash immunity (up from 99%)
  • Now resists 58% of magic and physical damage (up from 55%)

Holy Paladin

  • Now has HUD text showing amount healed current life

Professor X

  • Now has an 85% chance to respawn (up from 75%)

Soul Bender

  • Invis during Ghost Step increased to 66% (up from 60%) and speed during ghost step increased to 48% (up from 30%)
  • Cooldown of Ghost Step decreased from 15 seconds to 10 seconds
  • When Bremen, bonus damage has been increased
  • When Saya, slow and bash chance have been increased, as well as bash duration and slow strength have been increased
  • When Rhasa, number of poison ticks increased, poison slowed down (ticking 1 time per sec instead of 5 times per sec), resulting in an overall damage increase but over 5 seconds
  • When Kalla, number of fire ticks increased and burn sped up (2 tick per second instead of 1 tick per second), overall burn damage has been increased and is about 60% of poison damage over 4 seconds while blinding the player and eating their ammo
  • Chance for burn and poison have both been increased on Rhasa and Kalla


  • Generate 5 ult power per 3 seconds (sped up from 5 per 4 seconds)
  • Generate 1/4 of damage dealt as ult power (up from 1/5th of damage dealt)

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  • Now grants 1% speed per 50 SP instead of per 40 SP
  • Now grants 1% crit per 30 SP instead of 25 SP

Elvish Enchanter now has on HUD how much it's healed to other players. I may try to add this to all healers but it'll probably happen slowly.


Yrel now has 30% leech on judged targets (up from 15%) - previously the skill description said 40% but was wrong.


Orb of Frost no longer triggers slow on magic damage. I believe this was a bug and not intentional.


Dragon Knight

  • Can no longer buy Orb of Frost. Turns out it stacks with other slowing effects, who knew. Will probably get restricted on some other races once people start spamming it on races w/ slow
  • Slows attack speed and movement speed of victims when in ult by 25% (down from 35% slow)


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Added text print that shows if a player throws a flashbang that only flashes allies (does not include self-flashing). Please note it is still being tested and is not 100% perfect. Individual teamflashes aren't inherently punishable, but if there is a pattern/history of it or a blatant disregard for the rules, it is punishable.

It only prints if a) no enemies are substantially flashed when a flashbang detonates and b) at least 1 ally (excluding the thrower) is > 60% flashed for > 1 second when a flashbang detonates. If multiple flashbangs detonate near-simultaneously, it is very likely inaccurate.


Luna: Glaive chance now 43% (up from 33%).

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Holy Priestess


  • Spirit form should now always properly reset on round end / death / suicide etc
  • Lightwell adjusted so the variance in how long it takes to activate is reduced some

  • No longer should spawn with any effects from Phase Walk under any circumstance

  • All buffs reset on spawn properly
Night Elf Elder

  • No more being unable to fire if revealed by an enemy
Phyrexian Mercenary

  • All damage effects require damage to be dealt (bonus dmg, slow, etc) meaning 0 dmg hits or evaded hits will no longer proc effects
Shadow Hunter

  • Big Bad Voodoo should no longer block true damage, but now ultimate immunity no longer hits through it... not much can be done to avoid this. In exchange (to not alter balance too much), ult immune attackers now deal bonus damage (should be 40% damage reduced (ult immune) instead of 80% damage reduced (no immunity)... approximately... so a slight buff to shadow hunter since it used to be 0% damage reduced (if they had ult immune))

  • Fixed the 30 to 30 second mole on consecutive round thing

  • Skill description now reflects that you cannot see players with a certain amount of invis

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Black Market Dealer should now be much cleaner in handling the 10% discount and making sure it is properly reset.

It should print to players chat every time the BMD spawns saying a) they are getting the discount or b) the discount isn't available until round X.

If the BMD changed rounds recently, everyone will get the same message that it is not available until round X.


BMD now requires 3 allies on his team in order to use his ultimate to prevent potential abuses. Also fixed an error where the ult cooldown was always 5 seconds when it should be 20 seconds on a successful ult.

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Fixed some bugs (black market dealer, high priestess)


Dragon Knight now regens slightly less HP


Dynamis now spawns with UMP on round 2+ (instead of 3+)


Wizard now should always have 1 or more armor (after damage is taken) if the regen skill is lvl 1 or higher, so it'll take reduced damage from subsequent hits since armor will factor in (also aim punch).


Edited by Face

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Changes live whenever I get a chance to restart the server - tonight or tomorrow AM likely

  • Added a new method of reducing magic damage by a raw number (similar to how chain reduces phys damage by a number instead of a percentage)
  • Prismatic signet now reduces magic damage by 6 (previously: reduced magic damage by 35%)
  • Fixed a bug where fire damage against a player with armor absorption buff (e.g. wizard) would reduce armor (as if it was physical damage) and also reduce health (as if magic damage)
  • Cloak of Invis now gives 40% invis (up from 35% invis)
  • Igna's burning aura can no longer burn a player that is being burned by Igna already
  • Rocky
    • Now ignores 90% of magic dmg (was 100%)
    • Non-headshot physical damage now reduced by up to 87% (down from 90%)
    • Respawn
      • First respawn now 65% chance (down from 75%)
      • Second respawn now 29.25% chance (down from 41.25%)
      • Third respawn now 0% (down from 7.5%)


  • Necklace: 10k > 8.5k
  • Invis: 3.5k > 3k
  • Chain: 2.75k > 3k
  • Scroll: 10k > 12k
  • Belt: 4k > 3.75k
  • Prismatic Signet: 4.75k > 3.4k
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Don't normally post details for bug fixes but this is an actual change in a mechanic.


Khadgar no longer deals 15 damage on hits subsequent to the bash, and instead deals 15 damage on the bash hit.

Bash lasts 1 second for him


  • first bash deals dmg vs previously you had to wait till 2nd hit to deal dmg
  • if you had a really slow gun, theoretically you would never get bonus damage


  • fast firing guns no longer benefit from getting >1 subsequent hit in the 1 second time frame

Probably for the best anyways.

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Fixed some big bugs:

  • Leech should no longer have issues proccing when you deal bonus damage on a hit (e.g. with claws). This is also effectively a buff to any race with leech + bonus damage or leech and access to buy claws
  • Damoi Tui's circle on his knife swing should be visible more frequently to clear confusion about whether or not it works
  • Malfurion's "Ysera's Gift" skill no longer has a bug preventing it from proccing, and it can now heal Malfurion beyond 100 HP up to 150 HP
  • Fixed various bugs with Malfurion's skills breaking (namely Tranquility)
  • Zergling burrow should no longer break
  • If you join the game and have Respawn_None set and get a respawn, it will spawn you at spawn instead of the "center" of the map (0,0,0)


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More bugfixes:

  • Maybe fixed issue where armor regen breaks when changing from wizard to igna
  • Jaraxxus should now print HP regen stolen to console (similar to how it prints leech stolen).
  • Jaraxxus should now properly steal regen from players
  • Voodoo Witch Doctor chicken ultimate now denies the enemy of invisibility (should fix model issue)
  • Yrel no longer spawns with a glock by default ... I think this was fixing a bug in the past but I couldn't recreate it so hope it works out

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  • Fixed Ravinick's physical damage lightning so that it is not reduced by magic dmg resistance - this may need to be done to other skills on other races in the future
  • Rocky - looks like a lot but overall I think it's minor
    • Thorns now caps at 30 (down from 35)
    • Knockout now has a 54% chance to proc (down from 60%)
    • Knockout now deals a minimum of 20 damage (down from 35 minimum)
    • Knockout now caps at 50 damage (previously it dealt 2x your damage dealt with no cap - so theoretically 55 with an unmodified right click)
  • Maps now show on the nomination, admin, and RTV list without the "/workshop/" path. They still cannot be nominated easily (via chat, e.g. "/nominate season" will not work) but I have a plan to fix that in the future... just a matter of time
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Gravity is now reduced by 50% (same as speed) when carrying the hostage, in an attempt to fix abuse e.g. grim reaper speed captures of hostages

Widowmaker can no longer use her skills if she is carrying a primary weapon that is not an awp or an ump

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  • Frost
    • Deep Freeze is now a passive and Ice Block is now the Frost ability
    • Keep in mind you can still only have 1 ability at a time
    • DEEP FREEZE: Passive - 22% chance to bash for 1 second and deal 12 damage
    • ICE BLOCK: Ability - Encase yourself in ice and become immune to damage (and unable to move) for up to 6 seconds. 35 Second CD (thanks @bulletford :))
  • Arcane
    • Arcane Armor now grants up to 75% magic resistance (down from 80%)
    • Arcane Blast now has a 30 second CD (up from 25 seconds)
  • Fire
    • Flame Strike now has a 20 second CD (down from 25 seconds)
    • Flame Strike now states that it occurs over 2.5 seconds (previously said 5 seconds and was incorrect)

Nominations - You can now nominate partial mapnames (e.g. "/nominate agen" is the same as "/nominate cs_agency"). Keep in mind some will not work (e.g. /nominate seas will trigger both seaside and season, and it picks one based on placement on the map list)


Shopinfo/Iteminfo - You can now lookup items based on item names / partial item names (e.g. "iteminfo mole", "iteminfo regen"). Same as above applies, so "iteminfo ring" for example triggers ring of armor and ring of regen.



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Forgot to mention in last post:

Khadgar - fire Crits now deal 75% bonus dmg (up from 60%)


Also new changes



  • Bloodlust (ability) replaced with Fiery Soul.
    • Fiery Soul: [Passive] Every time a skill is used, gain 1-10% move speed and 1-10% bonus damage for 15 seconds. Max 4 stacks.
      • There is a HUD display and console prints to show you your "soul"
  • Dragon Slave (fire wave AOE when you are hit)
    • now has a 450 radius (up from 400)
    • now deals up to 30 damage (up from 25 damage)
  • Light Strike Array (bonus damage and bash) now bashes for 2 seconds (up from 1 second)



Edited by Face

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As you've maybe see, we added some icons for some skills. More will eventually come and existing ones may be modified in the future.

Currently there is: magic reflect damage, suicide bomber, corpse bomber, gravitas force spike

New gun MP5SD now works with wish and other skills/code, etc.

Gravitas now has 25% base speed and inflicts higher gravity on enemies on hit.

White Mage now converts 25% of physical damage to 40% magic damage (was previously 30% magic damage)

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westwood now has a secret button in ct/t spawn to disable round start music. skybox raised, and ladder fixed.
castle reclipped to prevent flying races from getting outside of the map.
militia remastered no longer has those black boxed.
helicopter on cs_agency isn't as loud.

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Link can no longer buy orb of frost

When carrying the hostage, you now lose all speed and gravity buffs

Emperor Don

  • first skill (knockback attackers) now states what it does and has a 300 radius (up from 220 radius)
  • Now has 30% chance to evade physical/magical (up from 26%)

Recon Scout now cancels his ability when he is holding a hostage.

Thor now spawns with correct taser, etc. when you spawn as no race and change to Thor

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Shaderunner is now tester


Time of year to change the server meta via some balance changes. I don't necessarily agree with everything I changed but sometimes it's fun to see how it pans out and it can just get adjusted back in the future if necessary :)


Added an announcements plugin. Announcement menu will display when you first spawn each map, first spawn after the announcement is updated, or whenever you type "/announcement"



  • 25% increase damage (up from 20%)
  • 40 higher HP cap (up from 25 higher)


  • Now has 40% chance to inflict Flame Lash (down from 56%)

Angel of Darkness

  • Longjump is now 20% stronger

Black Mage

  • Converts 10 armor into 20 hp (up from 15 hp)


  • 40% of damage absorbed as armor (up from 35%)
  • 1.5 bash duration (up from 1.4)
  • 30s ult cd (down from 33s)


  • When your killer dies, you now respawn with up to 150 hp (up from 100 hp)

Drow Queen

  • ESP now triggers 1-2seconds more frequently and has a larger radius
  • Ult cd 20 seconds (down from 30 seconds)


  • Now deals 50% bonus crit damage (down from 60%)

Flame Predator

  • Now gains up to 50% speed (up from 45%)


  • LJ is now 4% better
  • Poison now deals 16 damage (up from 12 damage)
  • Poison CD is now 4 seconds (down from 5 seconds)

Golden Tail

  • Ult CD now 0.8 seconds (down from 0.9 seconds)

Gray Man

  • Crits for 100% bonus damage (up from 75%)


  • Bolt now deals 24 damage (up from 20 damage)

Hand of God

  • Forward Slash now has 4 second cooldown (up from 3.5)

Human Alliance

  • Invis now up to 55% (up from 50%)


  • Arcane Armor now grants 50% magic resistance (down from 75%)
  • Deep Freeze now has a 20% chance to bash (down from 22%)


  • Soul Flay now deals slightly less damage in a 400 unit radius (down from 600 unit radius)


  • Now absorbs 30% of damage via armor (up from 25%)
  • Now deals 25% bonus headshot damage (up from 20%)
  • Now deals up to 5 bonus damage (up from 4)
  • No regens 6 hp/s during ultimate (up from 5 hp/s)


  • Hook CD is now 5 seconds (down from 6 seconds)


  • Now evades 30% of attacks (down from 36%)


  • Skills now display what they do lol
  • Camo now lasts 5.5 seconds (down from 6.25 seconds)

Nature Wisp

  • Now evades up to 66% (up from 65%)

Night Elf

  • Now has 26% evade (down from 28%)

Night Elf Elder

  • Now gains 25% speed and evade (up from 20% speed and evade)
  • Now gains 70% trueshot (up from 50% trueshot) and allies gain 35% trueshot (up from 25% trueshot)


  • Incinerate is now 50% chance (up from 45% chance)
  • Burning attackers is now 40% chance (up from 30% chance)
  • Ult is now 4 second CD (down from 5 second CD)

Orcish Horde

  • 19% chance to crit (up from 17%)

P250 Agent

  • now 5% more invis in all cases
  • now deals 100% bonus headshot damage (up from 80%)


  • Longjump is now 13% better
  • Leeches 30% (up from 25%)
  • 20% bonus damage (up from 16%)

Phyrexian Sieger

  • 50% increased molly damage (up from 20%)
  • 70% slow with flashbangs for 5 seconds (up from 40% slow for 3 seconds)


  • 24% bonus damage (up from 12%)
  • 70% invis (up from 60%)


  • Lightning Shield now caps at 25 damage reflected (down from 35 cap)
  • Lightning Shield now reflects 15% of damage (down from 19%)

Remember the Name

  • Poison now ticks 5 times (down from 8)

Ruthless Mercenary

  • Now blocks 40% of damage from first headshot taken (down from 50%)


  • 65% evade chance (up from 60%)


  • 50% knife move speed (up from 35%)
  • 80% knife invis (up from 70%)
  • 20% increase move speed (up from 15%)
  • Mind sear now hits for 4 damage per bullet fired (up from 3)

Shadow Hunter

  • Now heals 2 HP/s AOE (down from 2.5/s AOE)

Shinobi Aruki

  • Invis now 60% (up from 55%)
  • Vanish invis now 85% (up from 75%)
  • Vanish CD now 8 sec (down from 10 sec)

Soul Reaper

  • Ult now has 500 unit distance (down from 600 units)
  • Ult damage reduced by ~8.3%


  • Invis now 5 seconds on hit (up from 3 seconds)
  • Invis now 90% on hit (up from 85%)
  • Invis on hit now 50% to proc (up from 25%)
  • Cash given min per round now 1250 (up from 500)
  • Cash given max per round now 3000 (up from 1000)

Star Lord

  • Water Leech now 25% (up from 20%)
  • Wind disarm now 22% (up from 20%)
  • Damage resistance now 35% (up from 30%)
  • Crit chance now 25% (up from 20%)
  • Speed now 50% (up from 40%)


  • Bash now lasts 2 seconds (up from 1.1 second)


  • Ult dmg immunity now lasts 3 seconds (up from 2.35)


  • 25% bonus damage (up from 20%)
  • 2.5 hp regen (up from 2.0)


  • Now gain 15% passive speed (up from 10% speed)
  • Gain up to 15% additional speed (30% total) from Pursuit (up from 10% speed - 20% total)
  • Judge enemies for 20 damage (up from 15 damage)
  • Gain 25% bonus damage during ultimate (up from 20%)
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Shade Runner ability now triggers the team flash warning in chat (since it works a little different than a regular flashbang...)


Keep in mind intentional (or blatantly negligent) team flashing is against the rules.


Scattergunner uses sawed off again

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