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Warcraft 3 Changelog

Recommended Posts

Added Ice Totem ($4,000) - reduces bash/stun/slow effects to 0.4 seconds at maximum. If you notice any slow/stun not affected by Ice Totem, let me know. 99% should work correctly but there might be 1 or 2 stuns coded differently than the rest.

Added console prints when you get bashed. Hopefully this will help you tryhards decide when Ice Totem is appropriate since most bash durations aren't known. It won't print for certain stuns (e.g. Entangle).

[W3S] Bashed by Human Alliance for 0.75 seconds

Released Phyrexian Sieger at 2750, Bounty Hunter at 4250, and Bunnicula at 5000.


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Fixed bugs per http://www.joinsg.net/bugs/warcraft-3/:

  • Terran Ghost bugs ult not dealing bonus dmg, text print error
  • Stalker had a chance to survive suicide bomb with high magic resistance (e.g. angel)
  • Zergling can't burrow while crouched now
  • Bunnicula self-slow was being removed by ice totem, Bunnicula slow should work properly in all cases again. Bunnicula should never keep a pistol on the first round you play it.
  • Phyrexian Sieger and Bunnicula should not get new game + respawn
  • Cho'gall ult had improper ult CD when blocked
  • Dreadknight had some bugs that were not letting it deal bonus knife damage
  • Scattergunner ult properly lasts 5 seconds (like the info says) instead of 2.5


If you know any races that attempt to respawn players that have "!respawn_none" set (and thus lose the respawn) please post them here: http://www.joinsg.net/bugs/warcraft-3/respawn-effects-bug-r8/


Please continue to use the bug tracker per http://www.joinsg.net/forums/topic/70909-warcraft-3-bug-report-guidelines/


Regulars who would like to provide additional value, consider following the bug tracker by clicking the follow button: http://i.imgur.com/ynNv3f4.png

By following the bug tracker, you will get forum notifications when bugs are posted. You can confirm that the bug exists or provide additional info if you have it, and this will save me time and get more things fixed more quickly.


Added Ring of Armor. Purchasing Ring of Armor (suggested hotkey: "say buy armor") will give 100 armor and a helmet for $2,000. Every time you have the ring at ROUND END while you are ALIVE it will add 50 additional armor the following round, capping out at 250 armor. If you purchase it while dead, it will only give you 100 armor the first round. Obviously, it is optimal to purchase it right before a round ends while you are alive. Round End is defined as when any "Terrorists/Counter Terrorists Win" condition is met.


Heavily altered Khanian Ammo Resupply. Ammo Resupply now costs $3,250 (up from $1,250) and gives you 20 reserve ammo every 30 seconds. It gives reserve ammo to a primary if it exists (even if you have your secondary out). If you have no primary, it puts reserve ammo in your secondary. If you are reloading a gun when the timer ticks over, you will get skipped. This is to prevent bugs with reserve ammo. To me, this is the same as if you don't throw your nade before Gloves of Warmth timer ticks you don't get a new nade - and I'm fine with that. There are ways to address both problems, and I am choosing not to because the item is good enough as is.



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  • Fixed revolvers, we can now give revolvers including bonus ammo etc. 
  • Fixed a bug where t-rekt was rekting a little too hard
  • Fixed a bug where Zergling would respawn stuck in the ground if you had normal_respawn set. It might bug sometimes... but it should work fine 99% of the time I think. Post here if you have any issues.
  • Released Nothhogr, Fire Dragon at 450 total level
  • Released Dwarven Mage at 4750 total level
  • Ring of Armor now costs 1650 and its affects are slightly altered. It initially gives you 120 armor, and this amount is increased by 30 per round you survive.
  • Judge of Altana has an 8 second spawn cooldown on it's ult instead of 25


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Simply press vote, and log in through steam!


Armor Regen: Fixed a bug that probably never caused issues, and also allowed Armor Regen to regen up to 250 (IF the race has "MaxArmor" that high - note - RING OF ARMOR DOES NOT CHANGE YOUR MAXIMUM ARMOR, so you will not regen up to your "ring of armor" amount - pls don't post bug)


Bounty Hunter: Fixed a couple bugs related to a Bountied player leaving the game - this probably made the ult unusable so I'm surprised nobody complained


Dante: Reduced healing when dante takes damage by 1


Hand of God: Possibly fixed the somewhat rare bug where you don't die when you ult


Dwarven Mage: Fixed a bug where sometimes you didn't get the bonus ammo


Archmage Khadgar: Fixed a bug causing Deep Freeze to not work, not sure when it broke. There is currently a bug with his crit it seems, but it uses default crit functions so I really am clueless. Need to sit on dev and shoot at some bots when I get some time.


Magnus: Fixed a bug where you could change race to Magnus, respawn, die as Magnus, then respawn yourself as Magnus. If you notice any "respawn" bugs please report them and do not abuse them. HINT: If you did not start a round as a race but change to it after dying and respawn yourself at any point in the same round it is probably a bug.


P250 Agent: Made it so the magic damage on headshot hits after the headshot... turns out if people don't hear the "dink" noise, they get really confused


Recon Scout: Invis now functions like Lilith's. Made it so Recon Scout can not go invis when holding the hostage.


Shadow Monkey: Fixed invis counter bug and low grav carrying over on Shadow Monkey


Succubus Hunter: Jumping should no longer spam everyone's console with errors


Xian: Fixed a bug related to slow loading exp not giving you USP-S on the first round. As I said here you can report "first round" bugs and I will fix them. It only happens because xp is slow to load because the db and server are on opposite sides of the US for a little while. It isn't hard to fix these bugs, but I'm not going to play hide and go seek with 200 races files because nobody got time for that. Post them on the bug tracker and they will be fixed.


Nithhogr: Fixed a bug where molotov's triggered the fire which was causing Nithhogr to dunk a little too hard on other players


Phyrexian Sieger: Restricted wish. Fixed a bug where you might not get the p250 bonus ammo on spawn.


Exalted Sorcerer: This should have helped with any efficiency problems it might have been causing (was done last week)

  • Hat of draining now requires line of site. The radius is 33% bigger, it drains twice as fast (twice per second instead of once per second), and it drains 5 hp per tick (10/s) instead of 3 per tick (3/sec). If this is substantially better than hat of storms let me know. I'd also like to add stuff to hat of radiance. I'm thinking flash and grenade immunity?
  • Boots of flame trail is shorter (for efficiency reasons), but more spread out and catches people on fire in a substantially larger AOE radius. It also deals 30 total burn damage instead of 15.
  • Boots of unyielding was coded to work more like ice totem works for efficiency reasons. It now removes a few more debuffs than it did before (and INSTANTLY instead of with a slight delay), but probably not anything big enough to ever be noticeable for most players.
  • Fixed a bug where boots of illusion were only triggering when standing still when they are supposed to trigger only while moving (woops)



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The actual production of damage logs (instead of just hearsay) caused me to find something inside BASE WAR3 CODE FOLKS (I NEVER MAKE ERRORS lol)


This bug report made me find TWO PROBLEMS with how traditional bonus damage was coded. Fixing this "nerfs" (fixes) some things (like fire effects + bonus damage, poison + bonus damage, and a few other magic effects and + bonus damage) BUT the better news is it probably buffs more things than it hurts.

Races DIRECTLY BUFFED by correction of this bug:

  • Altana
  • Bob the Novice
  • Kozu
  • Magnus (YUUUUUUGE cause his aura thing)
  • Marine

These races should have previously had bonus damage that did not work and now it will work. I'm going to turn a blind eye to this direct buff and reevaluate if any of them are too strong in a couple weeks.



Dazzle: Restricted Venom Orb

Magneto: Fixed a bug where it could bypass disarm prevention skills/items

Phyrexian Sieger: the knockback/stun on the scout now check for ult immunity!


The moral of the story is, even basic things on War3 can be broken. I am not going to tear through files every time someone says a BASIC mechanic is bugged. if you think a BASIC mechanic is bugged, it is on YOU, THE PLAYER to prove it. Typically these things aren't bugs and typically the player is wrong. I am not going to waste 1-2 hours a week digging through engine code to prove every one of these players wrong, so I mostly ignore it. I was wrong on this one, but I only know this because of the damage logs. Thanks for taking the time to prove it to me Xeno/Fufu

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Since the last update post...


Made it so that most armor effects can go up to 250 now. This might have some unintended affects (we can address that when they are noticed).

Race this affects directly: Lilith (armor steal), Exile (ring of armor + his armor item drop won't goof up now), Crypt Lord (armor from ult), Black Mage (armor steal), Boreas (was originally supposed to spawn with 250 armor but we couldn't do that in the past)


Exalted Sorcerer: Fixed a bug where it had illusions when standing still instead of when moving since I last updated it

Dunpeal: Ult heals 25 instead of 20

Lawmower: Fixed a minor problem with how the Ult CD worked at low levels

Lilith: Fixed a bug where it dropped pistol on spawn

Master of War: Ult cooldown on spawn is 10 seconds, down from 20

Master Sniper: Ult cooldown on spawn is 15 seconds, down from 25

Recon Scout:

  • Altered the last skill description. Changed truesight from using auras (cancer). It should probably be less buggy now.
  • Added a console print on Marksman Shot. 

T-Rekt: Fixed a bug where it's first bullet wasn't it's only chance at the ult bonus damage

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  • Fixed first round Orcish Horde respawn bug
  • Made Recon Scout flash your screen on invis end and on disarm end - also fixed skill description
  • Changed how Master of GO's ultimate works so hopefully it will be less buggy.

Also fixed some long-term bugs with Orc's expertises (x d)

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Widowmaker is a tester race. It's basically ready to release but I'm going to release multiple races at once so it might be a few weeks.

Magatha Grimtotem is a dev race - it needs a lot of tweaking before it is tester I think.


Added back Racetop10. To prevent issues with queries blocking players from loading XP, it reloads races incrementally and indefinitely every 5 seconds.

When the server starts up, it can take up to 25 minutes for Racetop10 to be fully populated. The levels displayed on Racetop10 can be outdated by as much as 25 minutes.


Added a hint on Demon Hunter to let the player know you can only prepare up to 50 ammo in a clip.

Made it so Gargoylcan't stoneform near the bomb to prevent near-invuln defusal.

Made it so Chronos can't cast his ult too close to the bomb to prevent near-invuln defusal.

Made it so Night Elf Elder cannot ult very close to the bomb.

Fixed a bug where Methodical got free stats/healing for magic damage... claws/venom orb op

Fixed some rare bugs with Wizard of the Everlasting and armor regeneration mechanics.

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Magatha Grimtotem is now tester. There is currently a bug where if there is 1 on each team, the second player to lay totems will not have functioning totems until the other Magatha player dies. Trying to figure that one out still.  fixed that bug, not gonna pretend I fully understand how it worked but o well.


There is now an AFK Checker plugin. It was slapped together pretty fast, so it probably won't be perfect. Let me know if you notice any abnormalities. Abusing the plugin to effectively AFK without getting caught is a punishable offense that will be added to the MOTD.

It will flag you as AFK, give you another warning, then swap you to spectator (1-23 players) or kick you (24+ players)


Wishon now also attempts to buy a wish a few seconds after the round ends. This will hopefully help in scenarios where you did not initially have the cash to buy wish, but at the end of the round you did. This means if you buy guns at all, you can effectively toggle "wishon" even if you don't currently have cash, as you will get the cash at round end.


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Musician and Jukebox are finally back. Please let me know immediately if there are any bugs and do not abuse them (or I will abuse you!).



  • 100% chance to get mutagens (up from 75%)
    • Raptor, Stalker, and Baneling cost 4 (up from 3)
    • Hunter costs 5 (up from 4)
    • Ultralisk costs 8 (up from 7)
  • Lunge cooldown is now 4.5 (down from 5.0)
    • Raptor still reduces lunge to 2.0 (the "cooldown reduction" was reduced from 3.0 to 2.5)
  • Baneling has 25% evade (up from 20%)
  • Stalker loses 25 hp (down from 30) and has 10 bonus regen (up from 5)
  • Ultralisk gains 250 hp (up from 200)
  • The brown circle showing you burrowed in a spot is only visible for 3 seconds (down from 10 seconds)


Widowmaker now gets +60 hp (up from +30) but is restricted from buying Periapt.




Fixed a bug where overhealing with Abaddon's Mist Coil reduced an allies HP to 200


Fixed seizure inducing screen flash intensity on Dragon Knight


Impetus now has 10 teleport charges (down from 15) and the cooldown on his teleport is reduced to 0.5 seconds (from 1.0)


Keldon Warlord should correctly always get ultimate immunity when at the appropriate skill levels. Also fixed a text print bug.


Marine and Repear are now able to fire on spawn/racechange if he died or changed races while he was in "overheat"


Phyrexian Sieger should now correctly lose his scout when he starts a round and had a scout at the end of the prior round.


Priest revenge 8% kill thing should never be avoidable (get fucked kiddos)


Soul Spectre smoke damage areas should end with the round end instead of carrying over.

/overlay should stop bugging out where you can't use it hopefully.


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    Battlefield Pro:

    • C4 Radius increased from 350 to 375
    • C4 max damage increased from 285 to 300
    • You can now use 2 C4s per round. The first one must explode before you can place the second, so you cannot stack them.


    Reduced the range of Frost Nova on Archmage Khadgar from 750 to 550. The goal here is for it to be comparable to Entangle. Entangle is 3 seconds, 100% immobility, and 600 radius. Frost Nova is now 4 seconds, 85% Slow, and 550 radius.


    Restricted Boots from Dynamis since he already gets speed


    Fixed a bug where Shadespawn's Mind Sear was checking for ultimate immunity. Now it checks for ability immunity.


    Terran Ghost drops his pistol after round 2


    Fixed a bug where Gravitas didn't always have the right speed bonus.


    I believe I fixed a very rare bug where you could be perma bashed by Rottweil




    Fire Damage can no longer tick in freeze time. This means it should no longer carry over across rounds.


    Most (all?) abilities that target players should now check for ABILITY IMMUNITY. This is big for Default and Alistair. Let me know if you see any that are going through their ability immunity.


    Fixed a bug with the cash plugin changes I made (it should now stop spectators/AFKs from getting cash properly...)

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    New Quality of Life feature

    When you level up, if you unlock new races you will get a text print that looks something like this:


    [Level: 50] New Races Unlocked: Blood Mage, Shadow Hunter, Warden, Flame Predator

    Thanks to thorgot for the great idea and some help making it happen :D


    Bug Fixes

    Fixed Dreadknight's text print spam

    Fixed a new bug where Terran Ghost wasn't getting it's weapon

    Fixed a bug where you always had ult immunity after playing Magneto


    Did some minor reworking of how Methodical works. The buff/debuff was almost always doubling it's effect, and I changed it to a way that will not double and produces accurate results. The only "downside" is that grenades no longer count (but really... should they? hitting/missing with grenades?).


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    As a result of these stats combined with my own personal feelings about the items:


    Prismatic Signet now costs $4,750 (down from $5,000) and grants 30% magic resistance (up from 25%).

    Weapon Sling now costs $1,750 (down from $2,000) and reduces the chance of disarm by 75% (up from 70%).

    Ice Totem now reduces stuns/slow/etc effects to 0.3 seconds (down from 0.4).


    I also recently colored Magatha's totems so you can tell what team they are on (CT = blue, T = red).


    Angel of Darkness is now tester.

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    Can no longer deal damage with molotovs to enemies in chronosphere

    Dwarven Mage now respawns with proper ammo if you buy a scroll of respawning


    QOL: Most damage prints to chat, console, or hints, have been updated to display more accurately the damage that was dealt. A lot of damage was printing before accounting for damage reduction, resistance, etc.

    A lot of them have been adjusted to account for all of this and will display the actual damage the player takes. Almost every skill where it is possible has also been updated to print to BOTH PLAYERS console what damage was dealt. If an amount was already printed to chat, I typically did not make it also print to console. If a hint was printed, I still made them print to console. I tried to make it always print for both players.

    Some things I can't *easily/quickly* do this because the damage is delayed (e.g, thorns) for various reasons.


    Below is a list of races and skills affected. If they already printed damage amounts, this just means they should be more accurate or also print to console now.

    This is one of those changes that helps, but was incredibly monotonous and took quite a bit of my time, so I hope people like it. Let me know if you notice any inconsistency or anything that is mega spammy to the point it needs to be changed.


    Abaddon - mist coil
    Accuri - dead eye
    AngelOfDarkness - bathe, sword
    AngelOfLight - bathe
    AntiMage - mana void
    Archimonde - hidden strike
    BrewmasterMonk - keg
    Bulbasaur - razor leaf
    CorrupteDisciple - electric tide
    CursedPharaoh - curse
    DamoiTui - cyclone
    Dazzle - shadow wave
    DeathBringer - touch
    Distortion - tempest sword
    Dreadknight - close combat
    Duelist - rapier
    Dunpeal - reflexes
    ExaltedSorcerer - earth staff, robe redir, hat storm
    Exile - facebreaker, teleport ult
    FrodoBaggins - elvish blade
    GnomeEngineer - saronite bomb
    GoblinAlchemist - explosion mine things
    Goliath - big swings
    HandOfGod - fwd slash
    HolyPaladin - holy dmg to undead
    Impetus - distance bonus dmg
    JukeboxHero - firework dmg
    KeldonWarlord - second strike
    Khadgar - deep freeze
    KilJaeden - soul flay
    Lilith - headshot dmg, high velocity round
    Lina - blood lust, column, wave
    Magatha - bolt
    Magneto - bullet grab
    Molecule - knife dmg return
    Motoko - prosthetic arms
    PhyrexianSieger - yawgmoth fire
    ProfessorX - return to sender
    Quillfiend - barrage
    Ravinick - lightning
    Rottweil - shotgun bonus dmg (does not include the "double damage" bonus from ult)
    RuthlessMerc - grenades
    Savage - savage strength
    Shadespawn - mind sear, vicious strikes
    ShadowMonkey - rock throw
    Siddhartha - realm of titans
    SiegeTank - siege explosion
    Sin - pride
    SoulReaper - judgment, execute
    SoulStealer - soul strike
    Stalker - critical strike
    SuccubusHunter - headhunter
    Takeno - katana
    Terongor - doom
    Tiny - avalanche, toss
    Trekts - aoe dmg
    Trinity - lifelink
    Troll - hammer dmg
    Tyrande - starfall
    UnholyPaladin - unholy bonus dmg
    Warden - shadow strike
    WhiteMage - magic dmg bonus
    Yrel - judgment
    Zergling - broodlings
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    Fixed autobalance.


    Fixed cooldowns on respawn for all races per this thread: 

    Suicide bomb now prints to both players console the amount of damage dealt.


    Suicide bomb is now magic damage. This is a 100% damage buff (because armor reduces physical damage we deal by 50%). Because of this buff, the following damage values have changed.

    I left the values higher because TBH suicide bomb has been weak for a while and also because magic resistance isn't hard to come by (e.g. signet, angel of light, etc.). It is also blocked by ult immunity (like always).

    See below. I can adjust them lower if it's necessary.



    Edited by Face

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    Regen/Healing changes

    I created a new function that manages 99% of healing on War3. What this means is things should be more standardized.

    e.g. Nothing should be able to heal shadow lurker anymore. You should never regen or lifesteal from basic effects if you have your "healing being blocked" by something like Jaraxxus or Death Bringer (this is still a dev only race).


    Some healing effects intentionally are allowed outside of these "rules".

    e.g. Chronos time heal thing where he "goes back in time" as if he hasn't been damaged, this is allowed to heal through regen block. Khadgars Evocation is allowed to heal through regen block.


    If you notice any fringe cases where the interaction seems incorrect, please let me know. Some races are affected more than others, namely those with complex healing interactions (elvish enchanter, dazzle, etc). Pay attention on those for bugs, please.


    I also drastically increased the efficiency of Jaraxxus, so that's cool I guess. If you notice any weird interactions (more specifically with the touch of Jaraxxus) let me know, as I had to change quite a few lines of code.


    Other stuff:


    I also noticed that Naix was capped at 15 hp per hit and that upset me. I decided to reduce his healing back to 10% at max (down from 12%), but increase the cap of healing per hit to 25. This means it will do better against races with more than 150 hp and slightly worse against races with less than 150 hp.


    CSGO Pro can no longer gain more than 1,000 xp from interactions (dealing/receiving damage) from a single player.

    New Game+ and Default can not change race with more than $5,000 cash. If you have more, you will lose it.

    There will be more info on why these two changes are being made later or another day...


    Fixed some bugs:




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    Master of War can no longer buy wish.


    Added a plugin that restarts the server nightly.


    sm_sethealth is limited to setting a players health at 1000. This is to prevent abuse.


    I went through the war3bug file finally (After about 2 months) and addressed a lot of the stuff in it. A few items are still unaddressed and can be found on the bug tracker: http://www.joinsg.net/bugs/warcraft-3/




    General Server Stuff

    AFKChecker now checks if you are the last alive before sending you to spectator. If you are, you suicide.

    Fixed a bug where Weapon Sling could allow races that drop weapons on spawn (knife races, etc.) to keep their guns when they shouldn't.

    You can no longer defuse the bomb while flying.

    HPRegen now automatically resets the timer if your HP Regen value is over a certain number. It's hard to explain the logic of how/why it works the way it does, but basically this should mean if you get a huge spike in regen (e.g. Gargoyle stoneform) it immediately starts regening at insane speeds.


    Race Stuff

    Abaddon's ult description now properly reflects the fact that he absorbs all damage instead of magic. It was supposed to be just physical damage, but honestly it's been underplayed so yolo I left it absorbing all.

    Altana now get's the appropriate amount of ammo.

    Archimonde hidden strike now prints the appropriate amount of bonus damage dealt (minor bug)

    Banshee ultimate now checks for ult immunity

    BladeMaster healing when he takes dmg during his ult is no longer blocked by healing block (e.g. Jaraxxus etc.)

    Exalted Sorcerer Boots of Unyielding now only stop bash, slow, and knockback instead of all effects (entangle, etc). This is not only more efficient than the alternative, but it will work cleaner (instead of getting bashed and quickly unbashed, you won't be able to get bashed at all).

    Hand of God now handles it's evade substantially more efficiently. It also checks for all weapons properly. I increased the radius of the target check on the Forward Slash so that it will be more likely you hit players. I also set it so that if the TP is invalid (e.g. you teleport into the ground/wall) then it does not deal damage when it teleports you back. This is to stop confusion ("I hit the guy but it still teleported me back!"). Hand of God's ultimate should always kill the player now.

    Holy Paladin fixed a bug on the ult where it checked if the holy paladin was able to be respawned instead of the player it was attempting to respawn. This probably caused some weird interactions sometimes. This is why !respawn_none would stop you from respawning other players.

    Magneto now checks for ultimate immunity

    Master of GO now properly adds/removes speed from teammates

    Nithhogr no longer catches players on fire when they hit him with magic damage

    Paradox properly spawns with a glock/knife

    RPG Race no longer says it slowed you if you are immune to the slow

    Teron'gor Doom should now always reset on spawn. This will fix it carrying over on maps as well.

    Wizard of New Tristram now handles it's Firebird's Finery quite a bit differently. The damage is quite a bit higher and dealt more quickly. It also triggers almost instantly. Overall it is better, but it triggers so rarely and you deserve to get the kill when it does.



    Edited by Face

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    I will be slowly going through the races code for efficiency and cleanliness purposes.

    The following races have had code adjustments, but nothing should've changed in how they play. Let me know if you see anything weird:

    • Undead Scourge
    • Default
    • Orcish Horde
    • Night Elf
    • Blood Mage
    • Shadow Hunter

    Chronos's jump description was updated, it previously said 5 seconds even though the cooldown was 6.


    Dragon Knight now enters all 3 forms of his ult when it is level 4.


    Glacius is now on developer but it needs some tweaking before I put it tester.


    Master of War's bonus damage is magic instead of physical (unlike other physical damage, we were modifying the physical damage dealt, so it wasn't being cut by 50%. This isn't a damage buff, just alters the type of damage being dealt and what resistances affect it).

    Edited by Face

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    Hand of God now has 10% faster base movement speed.

    Lord Jaraxxus properly resets magic resistance when you die/change races.

    Fixed the bug where Paradox still wasn't properly getting it's pistol.

    Fixed Sin and Kozu regeneration not working properly after my regen changes.

    Maybe fixed a bug with Undead Scourge suicide

    The boots on Exile that previously granted stun immunity when below 50 HP now grant bash/slow/knockback immunity 100% of the time. This should make it more consistent and possibly reduce some server lag related to the item.

    Magneto's ult now goes on cooldown if you try to disarm an immune player.

    Recon Scout now prints disarm to your console. If it tries to disarm but they are immune, it tells you it attempted to disarm.

    Possibly fixed a bug where Goblin Alchemist wasn't always resisting nade damage

    Trinity's Lifelink now prints a hint when it ends. It also lasts 8 seconds (up from 5) like the description says.


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    Angel of Darkness is now available at lvl 1850

    Methodical slow on miss now lasts 25-9 seconds (based on skill level). It still stacks the way it used to.


    Fixed a bug with Blood Mage's ult not printing the hint and probably not working entirely because of it, this is from my recoding it very recently

    Fixed a bug where Chogall's ult would sometimes break.

    FINALLY fixed the bug where Hand of God's ult would sometimes respawn players without killing the Hand of God player.

    Fixed a bug where Hand of God wasn't evading AWP, or Scout (woops)

    Fixed a bug where Jukebox Firework was doin some weird shit and erroring.

    Fixed a Shadow Monkey bug with the invis timer not ending at round end.

    Fixed a Trinity bug where you could potentially Lifelink nobody.



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    Infected now has an additional 10% base speed. His ult speed is not in addition to this speed, so he will still run the same speed in ult.

    Master of War's Weapon of War now grants him 100% disarm immunity. His HE grenade now bashes for up to 1.5 seconds and his whole team is immune to his flash bangs.



    Actually fixed Shadow Monkey's timer this time.

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    Possibly fixed all bugs related to HP/Armor Regen caused by my recent changes. I had an HP regen value being checked in armor regen (woops) that prob was causing really weird stuff in some scenarios.

    This should fix all the bugs I've seen reported, like Kozu's ult healing was bad before (I did a bandaid fix, but I removed that bandaid fix so it should work "normally" again). Also, I heard Kozu + Magnus made the healing worse - that shouldn't be the case now. Let me know if you see anything otherwise.




    Dragon Knight got a tiny nerf: Tail Whip now has a 2 second cooldown. This should mean you don't just dumpster players with SMGs or something like lawnmower, killing it entirely with the magic damage from Tail Whip (if it kept proccing).




    Accuri now keeps 1-2 kills worth of HP Regen and Speed if he survives the round. If you get 2-3 kills in a round, you get 1 kill worth of bonus at the start of the next round. If you get 4+ kills, you get 2 kills worth of bonus.


    Ares now has 1.25 HP regen (up from 1.0). Pretty sure when this race got nerfed I cut it from 1.5 or 2.0 straight to 1.0, I think it might've been too harsh.


    Berserker's "Calm" ultimate now uses 50% of his Rage to heal him for 50% of his HP (previously used 100% of rage for 50% of HP).

    Fixed a bug where Berserker wasn't getting rage if he destroyed all of a players armor (only if he destroyed part of it). If you deal damage to a player that has armor, you should always get rage equal to 50% of the damage dealt to the player.

    Added an overlay to Berserker that displays your rage as a percentage of max. You go berserk when the overlay reaches 100. Removed the hint spam that printed every time you dealt damage to display your rage. Don't forget you can type "/overlay" to cycle through the overlay values before you play and reduce FPS lag caused by loading the images the first time.


    Blood Hunter now gets 10-25% of his victim's max HP on kill (up from 5-20%)


    Corpse Bomber can now TOGGLE whether or not damage is stored for his ult with +ability.

    Here's how it goes: Normally, everything works the same. If you hit +ability, you STOP storing damage on players and start dealing physical damage. You DO NOT get the bonus damage you get related to the corpse bomb effect (e.g., scouts will not 1 shot, but they typically will with the corpse bomb effect). If you ALREADY HAD DAMAGE STORED, you can still use +ultimate to activate it. When you are ready to go back to the corpse bomb effect, you can use +ability to swap back to storing damage. Hints will print on +ability usage. You AUTOMATICALLY reset to storing damage when you respawn.

    This should give players an option to deal with ult immune players. This will also set the "good players" apart very quickly, as they will pay attention to magic dmg res and react to the "ult immune" screen flash much quicker.

    Thanks to Shinannigans/@turbulance for the suggestion on this one. 


    Corruped Disciple now properly reduces damage enemies deal by 4 per hit instead of 2 per hit when Conduit is active on the enemies (as the skill description says it should).

    Added to the skill description for Corrupted Conduit that it has a 15 second cooldown on triggering, since previously it was stated nowhere.

    I did a lot of recoding of the damage dealing effects and tbh I'm not motivated to read both files and figure out the differences (and it's so many changes that the diff isn't very useful) so, here we go:

    You activate conduit by dealing physical damage to a player when it isn't on cooldown. If you deal physical damage to a player while conduit is active on them, it increases the damage reduction for the player. First hit is 4 damage, second is 8, third is 10 damage reduction.

    When your Overload ultimate hits a player, you gain a damage multiplier of 1.025. This previously had no limit, it now limits at 1.25 damage multiplier (25% bonus dmg). Previously the damage dealt from this multiplier was physical, it is now magic. When you deal physical damage to an enemy, you get the bonus magic damage.

    The way conduit reduces enemies damage is by healing. It only reduces physical damage. E.g. if an enemy deals 30 damage, you will go from 100 to 70, then heal for 10 from conduit. You will not get the "damage was reduced" text print if you die from the attack.

    When you take physical damage, Static Discharge has a 50% chance to heal nearby allies (including yourself). This was always this way (not sure if it was physical only before, but it is now).

    Pretty much everything prints to console or chat now on this race, so that should help understand it better.


    Dunpeal's bash now lasts 1.25 seconds (up from 0.8). Ult CD is now 24 seconds (down from 26).


    Frost Giant now absorbs 50% of damage into his armor (up from 30%)


    Human General now has a 22% chance to bash (up from 20%)


    Zergling now loses 20 hp from Metabolic boost (down from 30). This means all Mutas also have 10 more HP than they previously did.

    Maybe fixed some bugs where buffs might've overlapped and you may not have received bonus regen on stalker, bonus speed on certain mutas, etc. Not sure if it happened at all or if it was rare or frequent, but it theoretically could've happened. Lemme know if I caused any issues with this cause I might've missed something.

    The brown burrow circle that enemies see now lasts 1.5 seconds (down from 3 seconds).

    • Baneling now has 30% evade up from 25%.
    • Stalker now loses 20 hp (down from 25, total net change is Stalker has 15 more HP than before).
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    Releasing Magatha Grimtotem at 8000 and Gray Man at 5000


    Blood Hunter's ultimate "vision cone" is now marginally larger.


    Fixed a lot of bugs that you probably never notice.

    Fixed fly defusing (again). Turns out what I did the first time didn't fix it, even tho I tested it and it appeared fixed to me. It now knocks you off the bomb if you are flying.



    sm_sethealth is requires root access (basically Staff and Legends). It should essentially never be used outside of special events (which would be done by War3 Staff specifically) or testing bugs, new races, etc.

    sm_rename can no longer target more than 1 player. I see it being used too much on @all which randomizes everyone's name (and I'm sure annoys some people). Please only use it to rename players with names that violate our rules (basically, advertising malicious or hacking websites and racism).


    Admins, please remember I stalk the admin logs on a regular basis :) 


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