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  3. I like that part when no one watches it! lol
  4. Last week
  5. They are going to suck. In a couple of years maybe SpaceX's StarLink will be available and surprisingly might be gameable on. Doesn't help you now though
  6. This is pretty cool, kinda makes you think about how wars are going to be fought in 50 years.
  7. The data caps suck with mobile coverage and they drop out from time to time. Shouldn't need this anymore at the moment though.
  8. Congrats Grayson best of luck to you!
  9. All it takes is players on the server... I pop onto server browser and if there are 8+ people I jump in. It's like a critical mass thing. And then there's life shit to do and priorities change...
  10. We had the best TTT server in the entire world. Good times.
  11. Can upgrade your phone plan and tether to your other devices if that's an option.
  12. I love u Grayson and Congratz! I'm so happy to hear u are doing good! I'll always be here for u when u need a friend to talk to! see u around!
  13. That's awesome! Well good luck!
  14. I applied to one company that I did my ride time with, and I was told they'd let me know pretty soon.
  15. UserName: Entity Steam profile URL: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198069999043/ GameMe URL: http://sg.gameme.com/playerinfo/1367891 Reason for wanting whitelist: Want to see how my times compare to most others. Why should you get whitelisted: I BHOP here a decent amount. Referrals: Don't see people on much anymore. Favorite style: Normal Average SSJ(Speed of sixth jump): idk, nothing special
  16. Congrats on getting EMT! Have you worked with an ambulance service yet?
  17. Can't you just use a mobile internet with 4G or 5G connection?
  18. Long time no see, but congrats!
  19. Hey guys, just wanted to give an update. I haven't been very active because I've been very busy with a couple different things: I graduated from high school and community college this year because of a program, which has taken a lot of time. I also managed to complete my Basic EMT certification and am now certified in my state. Along with that, in my technical school I did SkillsUSA again and won 1st place in medical terminology and will be competing in that national competition in Kentucky. I'm going on to a 4-year college for a Bachelor's in Biology, and working in my college EMS squad! I've also been on T for about 5 months and made some progress transitioning, thanks to everyone who has shown me support over the years. It's been 3 years now in sG (joined the forums in 2016) and I've finally gotten L4! Tbh that's always been something I wanted and I appreciate everyone who voted on that application. I've been SO and Staff here and there and I wish I had the time now to keep contributing. The many people I've met from sG have been helpful in many different ways, including helping me apply to college (Mimic), giving me helpful advice (Narwhals, Mimic, Lindsay, Rune, many others), and even Chosen helping me with class a while back. While there have been some bumps in the road here and there, I think that over the past 3 years sG has been awesome and I'm a different person than I was when I first applied and barely got in. I'll try and pop in every once and a while for tournaments and to the servers, but if anyone has wondered where I've been, here's the answer. Tl:dr: School stuff has kept me busy, you guys are p cool, and I'll probably be around for tournaments
  20. Yeah I did some digging around and it's quite costly. Need to get a box which is like $1,000 and then the internet package is like double the cost with 100 gb. Wasn't the worst for dl speeds but wasn't great; 10 mbs.
  21. It's been dead for ages now. I remember the good ol' days when I used to play on the TTT server in GMod. Those were the times...
  22. Replaced: ttt_cg_skyscraper_2017_b1 with ttt_skycraper_sg_v1_d Removed: ttt_caboose Added: ttt_mansion_kso2k18 ttt_drybones_swamp
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  24. just get some people in there. Add me on steam and message me and I'll be there.
  25. nice try, you can't revive something that's already been dead for 1+ year :C
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