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  2. Happy Birthday Kung!

    I just now saw this! Thanks guy!!!
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  4. RTD

    um idk how.
  5. RTD

  6. Aye whats up

    what do you mean by that lol, i dont have a clue sry
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  8. RTD

    Roll the dice.
  9. Decided to sign up.

    Welcome! @MistaChang Change your pfp we dont need the tyranny of Lil Tay
  10. Business name suggestions?

  11. Business name suggestions?

    Syndicate Gaymers
  12. Business name suggestions?

    Nope, dont do this one. Barcade is a registered trademark.
  13. Business name suggestions?

    Plus 1 Barcade
  14. Decided to sign up.

    Welcome to the forums guys
  15. Decided to sign up.

    Welcome to the Forums "both of you" hope you have a nice time.
  16. Business name suggestions?

    What kind of aesthetic or atmosphere are you going for? What kind of crowd are you aiming your cafe toward?
  17. Business name suggestions?

    Gaming Cafe 1 Its cool because it implies there is others and you're successful . Its also generic enough to jump to the top of search lists for people looking for that type of business.
  18. Decided to sign up.

    Welcome to the forums!
  19. Decided to sign up.

    So is this like a sister brother kinda thing? Or a relationship because I’m fucking confused and this would be a lot easier if you made your separate accounts?
  20. Bunnyhopping Changelog

    4/23/2018 -updated oryx, should be less false flags -improved parkour -added unnamed parkour(perfect parkour) -added thirdperson style -added autostrafe style -strafehack has been switched to influxes strafehack which works more like both an optimizer and a strafehack -moonshoes has been put back as a ranked style since it's fixed -added sm_voicehud -ssj now shows timer status and speed loss per jump -no longer need to hold duck to teleport if you were holding it when you saved your location -updated timer/added new maps.
  21. Decided to sign up.

    Hello and welcome, Gollum and Ms. Piggy!
  22. Decided to sign up.

    Welcome! Enjoy your time here.
  23. Decided to sign up.

    Welcome to the forum, hope u guys have fun
  24. Decided to sign up.

    Welcome to the forums!
  25. Decided to sign up.

    Interesting. Welcome to the forums!
  26. Business name suggestions?

    Eek's Meek Place for Freaks and Geeks
  27. Decided to sign up.

    Well, this might be confusing. Welcome to the forums you two!
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