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      Warcraft 3 Dust Event   02/02/17

      We will be having a Warcraft 3 Event starting March 1st to March 15th. Read for more details.  

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  2. I shouldn't have said anything. Why did I feel the need to click play after seeing the thumbnail?
  3. I'd suggest just stop making new post, just got on the forums and post on stuff that you can relate too or have a opinion on.
  4. Thanks for sharing This game actually seems fitting for most of the people in discord just looking for someone to chat with cause their bored haha.
  5. Seems legit.
  6. Nice a fresh start after only 16 posts must be the fastest one we ever had xd
  7. at least u put this shitpost in spam
  8. Here are some clarification I want to make.First, that is my actual computer;Second,I did not recommend that game to appeal to "weaboos", that is a game I really recommend,is not a dating sim,is not hentai,is a visual novel kinda like papers please and that I think everyone should check out,not only the people who like anime.I think is already late but...Can I ask for your forgiveness?I will turn down the shitposting I swear
  9. I believe...that Joe Rogan believes in psychics.
  10. Am I the only one who can't view this so called video? There is only a picture in reference to the story and I don't see anything in it. It sounds more like a magic trick or a psychic surgery to me. @ChosenOne2000 do you happen to believe in psychics?
  11. This is bribe money to keep my big spray
  12. Today
  13. Thanks bud!
  14. Welcome to the forums
  15. Thanks for the donation.
  16. Ayo was good! Welcome to the forums homie!
  17. Just announced: Six copies of the game will be raffled off on March 9th! So sign up now or fogettaboutit! Follow this thread for more updates!
  18. Well hello there
  19. welcome
  20. Welcome
  21. Same
  22. this is some whitney wisconsin shit here
  23. Welcome to the forums!
  24. ..... It is not known how the goat ended up lying in the pool of blood. It is not known how the goat ended up lying in the pool of blood. It is not known how the goat ended up lying in the pool of blood. It is not known how the goat ended up lying in the pool of blood. I don't think it really happened.
  25. Hello!
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