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  2. Custom TTT Feedback

    We had a good suggestion about trying to add player models. I personally love the idea. I know it would probably add a whole lot more downloads, but if that's a problem then we could see (if enough people want it) about having a vote and maybe trying to get rid of some other stuff and adding them.
  3. Today
  4. I honestly love the idea of adding player models, I feel the only downside would be it would make more downloads for people. Of course, me personally, I'd rather have custom player models/a store rather than all the custom weapons. If you have any more suggestions with our Custom TTT Server in the future, there's no need to make a new thread for it. Just post a comment in this one:
  5. With the new custom TTT server out and about, I was thinking about some cool stuff to add to the server. Then I remembered one of my favorite features on other servers: custom player models. It would be really cool to let people on the server play as whoever they want. Getting models would function like on another server. Just get enough points and the model is yours. Thoughts on the idea?
  6. sG Skill Surf?!?

    See above
  7. sG Skill Surf?!?

    What do you mean all I did was answer his pregunta
  8. sG Skill Surf?!?

    For nearly three months.
  9. Saying hello.

    I think you played WCS back in the day You gotta try out our Warcraft 3 CS:GO server: war3.joinsg.net:27016
  10. sG Skill Surf?!?

    hes barely coming back he doesnt know anything... give the poor guy a break.
  11. Humble bumble (GET OUTLAST FOR FREE)

    I'd need to be paid to play Outlast.

    Happy birthday sean! Hope it was a fun one
  13. sG Skill Surf?!?

    It’s been up ever since I got back from Basic.
  14. Saying hello.

    Welcome back! Hope to catch you on the servers sometime!
  15. sG Skill Surf?!?

    A while.....
  16. Saying hello.

    I feel like I've see you before anyways welcome back
  17. Saying hello.

    Nice, welcome back. There are still a few people around sG from that time that get on the wcs.
  18. Saying hello.

    Welcome back, look forward to playing with you sometime.
  19. sG Skill Surf?!?

    So how long has Skill Surf been a thing on sG? Im just finding this out thanks to @Papyrus for telling me this because as most of you know i love to surf.
  20. Saying hello.

    Hahaha I remembered you! Welcome back to sG!
  21. Saying hello.

    Heya, welcome back! Hope to see you on the servers!
  22. Saying hello.

    Ha look at this nerd still level 1
  23. Zombie Escape Changelog

    9/21/17 -Doubled all shotgun ammo, -Set most pistols to primary clip size to 50 excluding deagle which is set to 20 and usp which is set to 25. -Rifles are set to 65 (excluding AK and M4A1-S which are set to 50 and 45 respectively). -MGs are set to 200 each. -SMGs set to differing primary clip size values ranging from 84 (bizon) to 50 (mp7). Yet again more changes to come.
  24. Saying hello.

    Welcome back :} Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  25. Saying hello.

    Haven't been here in a long ass time, wanted to say hello see if any old school people were still around that I might recognize or that might remember my name. Used to play the shit out of the warcraft servers, 1 and 2. Planning on hitting them up again in the near future. My account was created in 2009, so I'm talking a while ago. Anyways, I'll probably see you on CSGO soon if you play. ^_~

    Happy birthday

    happy birthday!
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