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      GCC and our Global Rules   11/12/17

      With our new partnership with GCC, we want to make sure everyone understands you are representing sG when you join other communities' forums, servers and discords etc. All sG global rules will be enforced strictly when visiting other communities, including GCC.  Trolling and harassment will not be tolerated and will result in punishment across all of sG.  This is your only warning, represent us well out there.
    • Lv. 100 Crobat

      ZE Event Signups   11/13/17

      Since the event was delayed. I've reopenned the signups once again. Don't miss this opportunity   http://www.joinsg.net/forums/topic/76777-ze-team-war-signup/    

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  2. Orange*'s Application [PENDING]

    He won’t buy me stuff with his nonexistent credit card ref 17/20
  3. Today
  4. Post what you're listening to right now.

    rip peep expected to die but doesn't change a thing gone way too soon
  5. Im 17 now :P

    Happy birthday Rock! Soon you'll be an adult.
  6. Im 17 now :P

    happy b day rock
  7. Im 17 now :P

    Happy birthday
  8. canadian bill loves to laugh

    Shooting at the ground is a traitorous act. But he def shouldn't have done anything admin related to you. You were a valid kill if he was inno, not sure why he risked being killed as traitor. If you didn t actually kill him then he's in the wrong. But it looks like you don't have any proof of the matter, so it's a good thing this is in spam. @CanadianBill stop getting tilted. Warn kick ban kid
  9. Im 17 now :P

    Happy Birthday!
  10. Im 17 now :P

    congrats, how much do 17 year old rocks go for in the market now a days ?
  11. Im 17 now :P

    Im finally 17 as of today
  12. Happy Birthday Docy Peppy

    happy birthday rune is a furry
  13. Happy Birthday Docy Peppy

    Happy birthday Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Post what you're listening to right now.

    Rip a legend... gone too soon. will be remembered rest easy lil peep
  15. This was the exact gif I was hoping for when I first read Disney here
  16. canadian bill loves to laugh

    so canadianbill is on a roof with a rifle running around and im behind him watching i shoot my rifle right i miss, then hes like why you do that, i say "i have my glock out man" then he follows me and shoots me 2 minutes after when im just standing around. i report him and ofcourse since he has power he dismissed my report. a round after i shoot my shotgun at the floor next to him. ive seen him do the same to fuck with people cause its funny right?, except he actually shoots at their body and head. so he immediatly shoots at me and guESS WHAT HE WAS A T everybody shoots at him after he shoots me. then he reports me saying i shot at him. hes just mad he lost his T round cause i outsmarted him by seeing if hed take the bait for a free kill on me. after that i replied back "nah man you arent gonna report and talk your way into slaying me" then he bans me saying revenge rdm. hes so mad he cant even write a proper ban and say attempted which i never did i just shot at the floor next to him

    What game are you guys playing and why are you both losing
  18. While yes, they dun goofed, I hope the meeting with Disney went something like this https://media.giphy.com/media/l0MYBnErTTCIl2SPe/giphy.gif and the only reason they bring them back is for cosmetic rewards that won't give anyone an unfair advantage..
  19. "The ability to purchase crystals in-game will become available at a later date" whoever wrote that had -one- job
  20. Zombie Escape Changelog

    11/16/2017 -Set both Mother Zombie and Infected HP to 15000. -Set Zombie HP Regen to 50hp per second. -Removed decoys from the following maps: ze_rizomata_a44 ze_rizomata_b43 -Changed knockback from 3 to 4. -Added AntiTeal Shownames plugin.
  21. Happy birthday rune!

    HBD my guy, I miss you sometimes.
  22. cs_jailbreak_v1

  23. Yesterday
  24. Happy Birthday Docy Peppy

    Freepost, thanks
  25. JB Night - Fri 17th/Sat 18th

    Will come hang
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