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  3. If you are trying to appeal your ban, I suggest visiting the Complaint Department and reading the instructions listed there.
  4. i was banned on the csgo bhop server for "macro". note that i do have not used macros on this server or any other bhop servers. STEAM_1:1:80097907
  5. Last week
  6. I see you lurking the forums... How come you haven't joined our Discord server yet? http://joinsg.net/discord
  7. Earlier
  8. breath of the drift, seventh form
  9. We have no ban records of any SadKeyboard, nor do we have any admins named Scatta. You have the wrong forums
  10. Banned By: Scatta Reason of ban: 5 Active Warnings Time of ban: 13/01/20 Time left: Forever I RDMed 2 people, each time different rounds, and I was warned for both these RDMs, then several rounds later I get permabanned by your boi scatta for 5 active warnings, idk where the other 3 came from.
  11. UserName: Zer04k Steam profile URL: https://steamcommunity.com/id/Zer0TheKid/ GameMe URL: n/a Reason for wanting whitelist: I want to do other styles and I love to bhop Why should you get whitelisted: the server is awesome the admins are amazing and the community is nice Referrals: Danieltheyeetman Favorite style: Slowmo, LG Average SSJ(Speed of sixth jump): 560 - 580
  12. I could just imagine how swed smells.
  13. I love the way swed smells!
  15. I know Im late, but you're not allowed to do this. @KiD Fearless
  16. UserName: Puppies Steam profile URL: https://steamcommunity.com/id/Puppiezz/ GameMe URL: http://sg.gameme.com/csgo12 (At the looks US doesn't work with GameMe anymore?) Reason for wanting whitelist: My usual bhop server is gone and I think SG is a good new home for myself. Plus it's the only bhop server I've seen active admins on. Why should you get whitelisted: I guess I was good enough for DanielYeetman to say "Puppies, you should apply for whitelist.". And so it began. Also, I'm not the best bhopper but I'm more than experienced / happy to teach people on how to bhop. Many times I've seen players join bhop servers to only struggle, so I usually just help people out. Referrals: DanielYeetman Favorite style: Normal Average SSJ(Speed of sixth jump): 540-590 (I'm only new, trying my best out there!)
  17. Hope you had a good Holiday season. As vexer said, you should hop on discord
  18. Congratulations! You are now an official member of Syndicate Gamers.
  19. Congratulations! You are now an official member of Syndicate Gamers.
  20. Congratulations! You are now an official member of Syndicate Gamers.
  21. Lot!!!! I miss you! Have a great new year
  22. wowowowow long time no see, thought you just left but happy new years though
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