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      Warcraft 3 Map Creator Event   04/20/17

      We will be having a Map Creator Event for Warcraft 3! Please go to the following link for more details!  
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      Gmod TTT Event Achievements   05/21/17

      The achievements for the Gmod TTT Event have been announced, check out the link for more details!  
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      CSGO Tourney update!   05/24/17

      Option 1 won out 7-6 so with that said here's the new group stage schedule:    

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  2. Initially voted "Keep it," but I changed my mind after reading through some of @Travesty points. I was under the pretense that the order for "no detours and delays" gave an opportunity to Ts to "rebel" should a warden mistakenly forget to say them. By this logic, it added an extra layer of complication to the game mode that felt necessary to keep it interesting. In hindsight, though, that reason is moot considering I rarely play JB anymore. The counter argument on the other hand is fairly strong, and it precludes that the removal of the necessity to saying "no detours and delays" could attract newer players to the server. I don't think I could do anything but reiterate @Travesty's points in the matter, so I'll leave it to those reading to reread the first page. Compounded with this, it would also remove situations in which people get into dramatic arguments over "he said, she said". I do see that the vote is heavily weighted in favor of "keep it." However I'd also implore @Iherdcows to look rather at the arguments presented rather than the vote. After all, we have 30 people who want to keep it, yet we sit under 10 players each day. Even on weekends. I'd like the think the majority at this point are irrelevant in the matter. Especially considering the only person who has argued for keeping it never plays the server. @Hay0ger.Tonee http://sg.gameme.com/player_histories/sessions/636908 Edit: Ahh, it was already said. I would also like to point out that, while I don't play the server often, clearly I care enough to donate $100 to try to see it populate.
  3. Thanks Krony!
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  5. Thankyou for continuously supporting the community!
  6. No one notices like cause they are confused by a t just leaving for vents. Idiot cts sometime
  7. Yesterday
  8. Thats the point it makes it to easy to rebel T's need to get good and learn how to rebel like Pike does Gotta be a ninja and run when no one will notice
  9. Ares can be ulted by Circu with his lobotomizer even though its expost to be ult immune. https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/782910450602078266/859E7E7D3B7782BF3B0BCF1307B6EBD4FDD4EC74/
  10. Keep no detours so people can killwhore for internet points
  11. I believe it's 'bollocks', since it's a British site. Personally, I think the religion needs to be even more modernized than it is now, especially overseas. Condemning these acts is not enough. Martyrdom and the ideas surrounding it within the Islamic religion needs to change. Obviously it will be harder to convince extremists but I think you need to start somewhere and contest the ideas of the religion itself rather than simply stating "Not my Islam". One of the biggest reasons there are jihadists on planet earth is because of Islam and to deny that is just crazy at this point. There are ideas within every religion that had modernized over time but it seems that modernization within Islam has been the slowest due to the nature of the book of Qur'an. Communism could not have been defeated without an ideological struggle that picked away at its moral assumptions. The struggle against Islamism isn’t so different. Along with the views the religion has, politically we are not doing ourselves any favours by entering other countries and bombing their people for whatever retarded reason the United States comes up with. Unintentionally, the US has become a fantastic recruiter for the Islamic State and it is clear something needs to change with our view of them and how to solve the problem. When I heard Donald Trump say, "We're going to bomb the shit out of them!" during the campaign trail, all I could think was how naive that solution is. In general the greed and vanity of the US and the 'West' in general need to tone it the fuck down. As well the hypocrisy and fear surrounding the views on the middle east have become too out of proportion in my eyes --the fear of potential immediate terror is getting too carried away. Yes the Islamic State and other jihadist groups do not require pretexts for violence but the core jihadist objection to the West concerns our values, not our policies. The journalists at Charlie Hebdo weren’t murdered for advocating neoconservative positions. In my eyes it's a war of ideas and bombing them is not going to solve shit... it's going to make it worse. I won't even start with how society turns a cold-shoulder to young adult men with mental health issues. Just looking at this video alone conveys a bit of what I think. This video represents how other countries view the stereotypical American. And to top it off, he's your President of all people. As a Canadian, I see and think this. Who the fuck knows how the Middle East views it.
  12. I believe it's the English term "bollocks"
  13. Since the tasers regenerate when you get them on the map I'm wondering what the ID/command is to spawn in a taser that regenerates. Is there a way to spawn them in? If so, what's the command? The ID for the normal zeus that doesn't recharge is just "taser". What about the new one that recharges? (edit) It recharges if you just give them a single taser. :c
  14. I'm not sure what the censored word is, in English or Arabic... But what's your stance on extremists and all of this?
  15. http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/manchester-arena-bomber-salman-abedi-10498466 Manchester Arena bomber Salman Abedi 'was banned from mosque after accusing Imam of "talking b*****ks" in anti-ISIS sermon'
  16. thanks krony
  17. one of the only ubisoft titles i still enjoy we dont talk about primal
  18. If he is found guilty of his misdemeanor is he allowed to keep his seat?
  19. Thanks!
  20. Roadsign armor looks so shiny~
  21. ty
  22. Krony is a baller
  23. To be fair montana does early voting and 70 percent of votes were already in at the time of the incident. Based off the final results im sure if all the votes were recast he would have lost in a landslide
  24. Thanks
  25. Just something related.
  26. Thank you, krony
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