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      WIPE HYPE- Early Edition   01/11/17

      Nicer junk, further optimization, loot table fixes, and more.   Go check out the new map:   
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      There is someone who is banned from sG who is pretending to be me trying to scam community members. DONT ACCEPT ANY OFFERS FROM THIS PERSON, DONT EVEN ADD THIS PERSON His steam profile: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198305480550   SteamID: STEAM_0:0:172607411   He was already perma banned for impersonating another JCS member.

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  2. I am an extension of my team.
  3. Took me roughly ~25 tries but I finally go it: I really do hope Gris v2 comes out soon because I have nothing else to aim for.
  4. thats for damn sure
  5. Today
  6. The other guy didn't reload his p90 and literally missed everything and couldn't pull out his knife fast enough I assume.
  7. Please God, don't let this be as bad as the last
  8. That is the going theory. She learned extremely quickly and was powerful with the Jedi Mind Trick. Something Obi Wan did effortless but other Jedi struggled with. Her Force vision had Obi Wan's voice. There are possible clues in the Rebels cartoon. The could go either way with the story. If she is a Kenobi then you have have Obi Wan handing Luke his fathers light saber and at the end of The Force Awakens you again have a kenobi handing the light saber to Luke. The battle between Rey and Kylo would be a skywalker vs kenobi as what happened in Revenge of the Sith. So there is good symbolism and connection with that angle. If they go the skywalker route then there are similar visuals between her and Anakin. It is obvious The Force Awakens was similar in story to other episodes so why would it be surprising for a brother/sister being raised separated? If they go the Skywalker route I would find it an interesting story if they had Rey and Kylo switch sides. Kylo seeing the error of his ways and turning to the light side but then have Rey be corrupted to the dark side. Anakin did start off as an innocent child forced in the life of Jedi only to turn. As for the Last Jedi name I think it will be just that. Right now we assume only Luke remains as a Jedi. Kylo never completed his training. If they go the route of brother/sister and having Rey a skywalker what I would like to see is maybe at the end to have Luke trained Rey and declared her a Jedi near the end of the film. Then have Kylo kill Luke(who did not fight back just as Obi Wan with Vadar) in front of her but as he die uses the Jedi mind trick to flood Kylo with memories of his "good" child hood and then show him what really happened to Vadar and Vadar's last minute redemption. This would cause him to run off into hiding and reflection. However, Rey would not know that Luke showed him those things and goes off in hate determined to kill Kylo. She would seek out Snoke who would corrupt her like Palpatine did to Anakin. Luke would be dead but since Rey trained as a Jedi at the end the title would remain true as was from the start and as in the end. So her being a Kenobi would be cool with all the symbolism they could do but her being a Skywalker and they could throw in a nice twist that no one would see coming even though they should as it mimics the other episodes which is kind of the vibe they where going for with The Force Awakens.
  9. ... Is that THE Legend 27?
  10. I'd like to see you pull that shit off with me trying to ram you all match while my two teammates do productive shit.
  11. Changed Status to Closed
  12. Not a bug, has been a feature of this map since css.
  13. RX480 is not a bad card. Went from 10-15 FPS on rust at full settings with my AMD R7950 to 60-70ish with the RX480. Only problem I had was AMD's software (new version of CCC (Catalyst Control Center) that is no longer CCC.. can't remember the name of it) would not let me adjust the brightness, contrast, saturation etc. I had to install the final version of CCC in conjunction with manually installing the newest video driver through windows. It's really fucking stupid. But other than that, I like it. Also the OC software that came with the card is broken.. GG china
  14. From what I can tell Disney definitely cutting the amount of Jedi and most likely Luke is the Last jedi. Rey and Kylo don't count because they never finished their training. Also my current theory is that Rey is Obi-Wan's granddaughter and Luke helped raise her when she was younger but her PTSD from the academy attack blocked her memory. Also my current theory about Snoke is that he is either the very first ever Sith or based on some hints in the books he was raised by Palpatine
  15. Thank you, Captain Obvious. Seriously though, do you think we're going to be introduced to a bunch of new Jedi in the new films?
  16. Meme master
  17. I'd also like to point out that "Jedi" can be both a singular and plural term, depending on context. So either "The Last Jedi" means that theres only ONE singular Jedi or "The Last Jedi" means that they are the last of the Jedi as in the last of a group of Jedi.
  18. I was expecting like a 4v1 no kit clutch This is just a regular game of silver 2
  19. But my song is good...
  20. Avenger always with the clutch
  21. I tried to find the link, but failed. I read a fan fiction somewhere, shortly after watching "The Force Awakens", explaining how all of the Star Wars stories were really about Obi-Wan and not the Skywalkers. That Obi-Wan was the one to bring balance to the force... (training Anakin, destroying the jedi etc etc) I wouldn't do the theory justice, so I'll leave it at that. I wouldn't be surprised if Ray was a Kenobi. It would be better than another Skywalker at least. Buzzing for this, although I've not even bothered watching Rogue One yet.
  22. "MUM GET OFF THE PHONE! I'm trying to play fucking Runescape!" Please, never dial up, never again.
  23. OMG, he just let him defuse wtf???
  24. Back in my day, the internet used to make beep boop noises trying to get online. If you were always online, then you couldn't get a call from Family Video saying your VHS is overdue but you don't have the time to rewind it and bring it back in your Honda Civic because the newest episode of Seinfeld is coming up soon.
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