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  2. I'll make a post on marketing vs finance vs accounting if this is still here when I get home tonight Sent from my Nexus 5X using Tapatalk
  3. I graduated from college with a Business degree and think @Rayne's advice is on point. I'd give my own peace on the subject but he really nailed it If you take anyone's advice, I would go with him
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  7. This thread is just a sad, unfortunate event.
  8. Kek. Also, ZE is the best server in Sg, wachu talkin 'bout Willis?
  9. What can you wake up every morning to go and do, and not hate yourself? Its best not to choose a career due to how much money you will make, or its because of what you know. For example, I went to college and University for Justice and Forensics. But in reality I blow shit up in tanks as a officer in the Canadian military. Why? Because I fucking love it. It helps that the pay is decent for officer level (university degree) and I get most of it tax free tho. Go with what you love or are passionate about. If you don't know...get an internship or volunteer.
  10. RIP your application
  11. Personally I'd go for what I like to do and learn how to be better at it. Rather than doing something I know, and learning to like it more.
  12. I'd uprep you for the Festivus gif but... I can't.
  13. welcome back
  14. Hey welcome back
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  17. I've worked in both of these industry's and I can tell you that marketing would be a much more rewarding job. Different product launches, different strategies, meeting lots of people etc... Finance will be more secure, higher pay and as you quite rightly stated, offers quite a straight forward career ladder. However, you will be stuck in the same dreary office, doing the same reports, counting other peoples money (essentially). For the rest of your life. Now I'm not saying this is a bad career choice, my mother was a financial director for almost 20 years, but she HATED it. To a point where she would come home upset every evening etc. It all boils down to what you want out of life, which I guess at the minute, you don't really know. You've also got to think, with finance and all of the 'robots in the workplace' coming into play... how long is it going to be, before finance is controlled by computer systems to eliminate any and all human error when it comes to company financials? Marketing... needs human ideas, and is always going to have a place in every industry. These are both sustainable jobs, but I know which way I'd lean. I hope I've given you something to think about
  18. Hi Back, I'm Rayne! Welcome back Infested.
  19. It's taking every fiber of my being, to not neg rep you for this disgusting thread.
  20. welcome back
  21. One of my best friends from high school got a marketing degree from OU and now she's a flight attendant. Finance is better than marketing IMO. Maybe be a CPA?
  22. Whose child is this?
  23. Hello and welcome back to the forums
  24. Didn´t play too much with you but you were pretty chill. Congrats on the new family and good luck!
  25. Hey guys, it´s been while. Just wanted to present to you my dilemma: I never had a "clear passion" or any idea of what to do with my life but I´ve always had an interest in bussiness, im in my Second Semester of a Marketing degree, which I like, but im thinking of switching to Finance because it seems more adequate for me, for example I do best in my Accounting and Finance mathematics classes while in Marketing related courses not so much, so I have more interest in Marketing but seem to be better at Finance and numbers in general, most of my class mates in marketing are extroverts with tons of friends while me,well... So it seems that I would develop better in a Finance career but I dont know if I would like it. Another aspect is that Finance seems like a more secure career (steadier employment chances,easier to climb up the ladder,etc.) while Marketing looks like a good choice for the future since diferentiation of products becomes more relevant as time passes. So what do you guys think? should I go with what I´m better at but not very interested in and hope I learn to love it (finance)? or go with what I like but im not good at? (Sorry if I make spelling mistakes or bad redaction, im not a native speaker )
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