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Warcraft 3 Map Event Winners!

This announcement is no longer active


I would like to congratulate all the winners as well as thank you for the effort you have put into helping Warcraft 3 get better with more maps. I hope you all enjoyed playing these maps - and i look forward to seeing what our mappers of sG can do in the future.




[First Place]: $60 Steam Gift Card, 4 Months Premium Admin and 100,000 Credits and also receive a Mapping Event Grand Winner Badge

@Jodas 23 Votes

[Second Place]: $20 Steam Gift Card, First pick between Need for Speed Hot Pursuit (Donated by sG | KiD Fearless), or Wolfenstein: The New Order (Donated by sG | Tyrone [SO]) , 4 Months Premium Admin and 50,000 Credits

@KiD Fearless 10 Votes

[Third Place]: Second pick from the donated games, and 30,000 Credits

@Mr.Thaco-Olmon 9 Votes

[Other]: All maps that did not place and get used on the server will receive a 1 Month of Premium Admin as well as 20,000 Credits



@skitt is still deciding which map he enjoys the most, they will receive $40 regardless of whether they have won a prize already or not (Donated by sG | skitt [ENG])


The Winners will all receive a sG Map Creator Badge