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    Staff Changes - 12/2/16

    By Mimic, 0
    Hey everyone,
      To go along with the winter festivities, it’s time for another round of Staff changes! With these Staff changes our goal is to better facilitate events both in the short term (possible Holiday events) and in the future, as well as help with the management and maintenance of various game servers.
      Before mentioning the changes on Staff occurring today, I would like to mention a few Staff members who have recently stepped down from their positions on Staff. First, I would like to thank Crobat for his extensive work on Zombie Escape with Antiteal helping to not only populate the server, but put it in a position where it will be healthily populated in the future. Second, I would like to thank Yunki for his time and dedication toward the Rust server working with Karma helping out with server rules, maintenance, and drama overall.
      Now, on to the actual Staff changes. Please welcome the following members to the Recruitment Officer team working under Fugner to ensure events are planned, scheduled, and executed efficiently and properly:
      TotesMagotes - Recruitment Officer Will.Alaska - Recruitment Officer MarkFromFacebook - Recruitment Officer ATTG Agent - Recruitment Officer   In addition, please welcome the following members to the Advisor team to be working with their respective servers Engineers, department Managers, and Community
    Chewy - Zombie Escape Advisor Avenger - GMOD TTT Advisor     Along with additions to Staff in some situations we must also adjust the responsibilities for various members of Staff. In this case, due to his position effectively being phased out and it’s responsibilities to be included in the responsibility of other members of staff, ChosenOne2000 will be joining the Recruitment Officer team helping Fugner and the Recruitment Officers with events now and in the future.
      Lastly, we must also say goodbye to a few members of Staff. I would like to thank the following people for the work and dedication they put forth for the community in the past and I wish them the best of luck in the future:
      Marine Putin Bite Wave   As a final note, I would like to add that the Staff Applications page *should* have been fixed following a web hosting move we had. As of today I was able to successfully submit a test application via the page. If you are interested in a position on Staff and want to be considered for a position on Staff please use the Staff Applications page located here or by navigating to “More -> Staff Applications” on the navigation bar at the top of the forums.
      - Mimic, Chairman of the JCS
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    Syndicate Gamers 10th Anniversary Event!!!

    By Travesty, 0

    We thought it might be nice to do an event for all the servers that helped us grow into what we are today! I'm happy to announce that we will be doing an entire community-wide sG Bingo starting on Friday, November 11th at 1:00 P.M. CST


    STEP 1: Sign up! Simply make a post in our Sign Up Thread saying you want to compete! example: "Sign me up!" 
    Once your request has been seen/processed, Bulldog and Travesty will send you a private message with your randomized custom Bingo Card! We will be sending out the cards ASAP. So if you want to play, or think you're going to play... SIGN UP NOW!
    STEP 2: Try to complete the cards by recording achievements from the list below! All the achievements simply need a screenshot as proof. If any questions arise, feel free to message Travesty or Bulldog on the forums.
    STEP 3: This is bingo! We will be accepting a CLASSIC card (5-in-a-row) and a BLACKOUT card (all achievements completed). These are your two options. You can either hand in your completed CLASSIC card, or continue to go for the elite BLACKOUT card. Once you complete either of the two options, submit your card along with your proof of completion using with this form.
    Please fill out the form carefully and correctly.
    You will be AUTOMATICALLY DISQUALIFIED if the form is filled out incorrectly.
    STEP 4: Did you hand in a CLASSIC card? Well keep going and continue for the BIG KAHUNA BLACKOUT! Once you’ve collected your first prize, don’t slow down! Continue filling out your card until you get a BLACKOUT! Players will only be able to get ONE prize from each category. To be clear: once you complete a CLASSIC card, you will not be able to get 5-in-a-row again. You must then complete the BLACKOUT card, if you want another prize.
    Once the event starts, we will keep going until there are no prizes left.
    Note: There must be at least six players online for achievements to count.


    SURF Achievement:
    1.  DM MVP - Get the most kills by the end of any map (screenshot must be taken on map changing)
    ZOMBIE ESCAPE Achievements:
    2.  Dragon Slayer - Complete the map ze_Frostdrake_Tower as a Human (cannot be a zombie at time of completion)
    3.  Gunslinger - Kill 2 zombies in one round with an R8 (screenshot kill feed in console)
    4.  Out of Ammo - Kill a zombie with your knife
    MINIGAMES Achievements
    5.  BRBRBRBRBR - Be one of the top 2 players on the winning team on the Battle Royal map: br_flood 
    6.  HYPED - Get the most MVP’s on mg_hype2_v1g
    7.  BHOP PRO - Finish mg_minecraft_aphyxed under 1 minute
    TTT:GO Achievements
    8.  Jihadist - Kill 3 people with a Jihad Bomb (screenshot of the kill feed console)
    9.  Prop Master - Kill at least 3 Innocents/Detectives as a Traitor in one round (screenshot of kill feed in console and of you as a traitor)
    10.  TTT:GOGOGO - As a Traitor, kill the Detective within 5 seconds of the round starting
    11.  Last Man Standing - Win a 1v1 to end the round (take a screenshot of player list in TAB)
    WARCRAFT 3 Achievements
    12.  Suicidal - Get 4 simultaneous kills a race of your choice with only one suicide bomb
    13.  Calling All Orcs - Get 5 kills with a single Orcish Horde grenade
    14.  Like Insects in Amber - Catch 5 enemies in a Chronosphere
    15.  Hoarder - Hoard 100+ skulls on Succubus Hunter in a single map (type "skulls" in chat)
    JAILBREAK Achievements
    16.  Pacifist - Don't pull the trigger in I BET YOU WON'T PULL THAT MOFO TRIGGER (screenshot of the warden saying, You didn't pull the trigger)
    17.  Not A Petting Zoo - Knife a CT Staff Member named after an animal (Cows, Moose, Bulldog, Pike, Jeff the Flying Shark)
    18.  cs_office Day - Play on cs_office (can only be activated on the last round of a map as a Last Request)
    19.  The Dream - As a T complete the dream 10-0 OR as a CT end the dream by wining the last round to 9-1 (screenshot showing that you won the last round with the score)
    GARRY'S MOD Achievements
    20.  It's Your Birthday - Open the secret cake room in ttt_minecraftcity (Screenshot yourself standing on top of the cake)
    21.  Top Dog - Be at the top of the scoreboard at the end of the map (Screenshot scoreboard after last round ends, be quick!)
    22.  Killing Frenzy - Kill at least 5 Innocents/Detectives in one round as a traitor (click on the scores tab and screenshot when the round ends)
    RUST Achievments
    23.  The Hunter - Kill an animal from at least 250m away
    24.  Sharpshooter - Kill another player from at least 200m away
    Example of our BINGO Card

    (first come, first served)

    BLACKOUT Pattern
    1 x $50 Steam Card and a game from the Classic Pattern prizes 1 x $40 in Steam Cards and a game from the Classic Pattern prizes Winners will also receive a Black sG 10th Anniversary Badge  Note: if the two blackout prizes have already been taken, but you complete a blackout card by the end of November. You will receive the badge because you're clearly a try-hard and deserve the elite 10th Anniversary Black badge haha!  
    CLASSIC Pattern (5-In-A-Row)
    0 x $20 Steam Card 1 x Rocket League 2 x Rust 1 x One Month of WAR3 Supporter 1 x Mirror's Edge 2 x Garry's Mod (donated by TotesMagoats) 1 x Bad Rats: the Rats' Revenge (donated by TotesMagoats) 1 x Bit Blaster XL (donated by TotesMagoats) 0 x Bob Was Hungry (donated by TotesMagoats) 1 x Robot Roller-Derby Disco Dodgeball (donted by TotesMagoats) 1 x Boxlife (donated by TotesMagoats) 1 x Greyfox RPG (donated by TotesMagoats) 2 x Shower With Your Dad (donated by TotesMagoats) 1 x Toki Tori (donated by TotesMagoats) 1 x Puzzler World (donated by TotesMagoats) 1 x Puzzler World 2 (d0onated by TotesMagoats) 1 x Sakura Spirit (donated by TotesMagoats) 1 x Surfingers (donated by TotesMagoats) 1 x Shake Your Money Simulator 2016 (donated by TotesMagoats) 1 x Protoshift (donated by TotesMagoats) 1 x Swiftly (donated by TotesMagoats) 2 x Yet Another Zombie Defense (donated by TotesMagoats) 1 x Turbo Pug (donated by TotesMagoats) Winners will also receive a White sG 10th Anniversary Badge   
    If you are interested in donating a prize for our 10TH ANNIVERSARY, message TRAVESTY on the forums!
    Follow sG global guidelines at all times. No abusing map votes. No favoritism. No exploitation in any way. Must have a registered forum user account at www.joinsg.net. To be eligible for prizes, a player cannot be banned during the duration of event. Prizes will not be substituted. Must have at least six players online for achievements to count  
    =(UV)= RAFFLE
    1 x $20 Steam Gift Card  
    How To Enter
    This one's for the old fags that helped start it all! In this thread, please post and link us to your original =(UV)= application that got you in. You must be a current clan member to enter. I will enter the names in a random draw on November 11th, 2016 at 3:00 PM CST and the winner will receive a $20 Steam Gift Card.
    Congrats to @Chaulklet.Shake(Elmo) for winning the =(UV)= Raffle!
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    NEW War3 Supporter Package

    By Face, 0
    You can now purchase a package from the store to support to War3 and gain special bonuses in the process. All funds go to help pay for sG/War3 events, servers, and other necessary community expenses.
    Supporter Benefits
    When a supporter is in the game, all players gain 1% bonus experience (bonus experience stacks if multiple supporters are present, up to 10% bonus experience). You can access races up to 250 levels above your total level. e.g. if your total level is 500, you have access to races up to 750 total level required. You will also get an additional "New Races Unlocked" text print showing what races you unlocked because you are a Supporter. You can use "/suppcash 16000" once per map to give cash. This has the same rules as admin cash. Every 5 rounds, can only use it for 15 seconds after freeze time, and you cannot give 16k in addition to an admin giving 16k. Ability to nominate maps, no matter how recently they have been played (currently must use /nominate <mapname>, it will still show on the nominate list as disabled). You can use "#" in ALL chat to send special messages (similar to (ADMIN) or [STAFF]). (W3 SUPPORTER) Face: Hey! You can use "#" in TEAM chat to send messages that only supporters can read and respond to. (TO W3 SUPPORTERS) Face: Hey!  
    All players can type /supporter to see the active supporter XP bonus and a list of all supporter benefits.
    When Supporters join and leave, custom joining and leaving messages print:
    [W3 SUPPORTER] Face has joined the server! Supporter XP bonus for all players is now 1%
    [W3 SUPPORTER] Face has disconnected! Supporter XP bonus for all players is now 0%
    Click here to purchase the War3 Supporter package.
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