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    TTTGO Summer Event! (July 22nd-August 5th)

    By TotesMagoats,


    Welcome to Syndicate Gamer's

    TTTGO Bingo Event!

    Start this summer out right by being apart of our TTTGO Bingo event!  We're mashing up three classic games (TTT, CS:GO, and Bingo) to bring you one amazing event that is sure to be a blast for all! If you'd like to participate—and I already know you want to, don't try to deny it—simply follow the few quick and easy steps below!



    STEP 1: Sign up by making a post in this thread announcing your intent play. After we see your post and register you for the event you'll be PM'd, via the forums, your own personal TTTGO Bingo card. See, told you it was easy.

    STEP 2: At approximately [12 am CST] on [July 22nd] the achievement details will be unveiled in this post. After that is YOUR job to record achievements you've completed as you'll need proof that you've actually accomplished the task! A screenshot of is the as easiest way to provide proof. Please feel free to message TotesMaGoats or Bulldog via the forum, Steam, or Discord if any questions arise. 

    STEP 3: Make some fucking BINGO shit! But not just any old boring bingo shit— TTTGO bingo shit! Your goal is to make a "T" shape somewhere on the bingo card. There are two size options for you to choose from: Large (5x5) or Small (3x3). Follow the link below to see examples.

    TTTGO Bingo Examples

    STEP 4: Use the link below (will be made view-able at the start of the event) to submit your bingo proof, as well as what prize you'd like! Depending on what size "T" you complete determines what prize pool you may choose from. Remember what I always say, bigger is better. ;)

    Submit Here

    STEP 5: Do it again. If you'd like you're free to compete again, just let us know and you'll be given a new card! But remember, you can only use one achievement per card. As an example, if you completed and used "GODTIER" as part of your first bingo, you'll have to complete that achievement again to use it for your next one. But hey, if you did it once, you should be able to do it again!




    To be released at approximately [12 am CST] on [July 22nd]




    A raffle will take place sometime on [July 29th]. Everyone who has registered for the event will automatically be entered into the raffle. That's right, even if you are like Bulldog and suck at TTT you still have a chance to win something. Crazy.




    Large "T" Prize Pool:

    • $20 Steam Card (donated by sG) x5
    • PLAYERSUNKNOWN BATTLEGROUNDS (donated by TotesMagoats)


    Small "T" Prize Pool:

    • $15 worth of Steam games/items (donated by TotesMagoats) x2


    Raffle Prizes:

    • Bad Rats 
    • Bit Blaster XL
    • Box Life
    • Greyfox
    • Kivi, Toilet and Shotgun
    • Protoshift
    • Puzzle World 2
    • Reveal the Deep
    • Shake Your Money Simulator
    • Shower with your Dad Simulator
    • Surf fingers
    • Swiftly
    • Toki Tori
    • Turbo Pug
    • Yet Another Zombie Defense x2
    • Sakura Spirit (all of the above donated by TotesMagoats)





    Follow sG global guidelines at all times.

    No favoritism [ghosting will be taken seriously and result in a ban].

    No exploitation in anyway.

    Must have a registered user account at www.joinsg.net.

    To be eligible for prizes, a player cannot be banned during the duration of event.

    Must have at least six players on for achievements to count.

    Excessive amount of RDM will result in a ban and disqualification.

    All SOs and staff eligible to register and compete for prizes with [everyone albeit TotesMagoats and Bulldog].


    Jailbreak Mapping Contest (June 20th-Sept 1st)

    By Pike,



    JAILBREAK is quite an old mod. Its gameplay never stopped evolving thanks, especially, to its maps, battlefield of thousands of players all around the world. However, they took a bad way of life. Playing the same maps over and over became boring and stale. Relying on their achievements of predecessors, without any innovation of their own.

    This is why today, the biggest JAILBREAK servers decided to create an alliance. Various jailbreak servers are coming together to create this alliance. An alliance that will allow anybody to improve the situation, by creating a new map and bringing fun to thousands of players around the globe.



    Ratings will work in the following way : Each community will put a grade to each map. The average value will be their final mark, and the highest scores will win the competition. Communities won’t be able to judge maps made by players of their server (to be sure that they don’t give better mark to their friends).

    Criteria to be met are:

    Design / looks of the map

    Originality (custom textures / props, no copy/pasterino etc…)

    Games (Quantity, Splitting, originality etc…)

    Interest in each team (Map has to be balanced, but Ts are supposed to be able to escape, and CTs to survive if they are good and if areas are not too small)

    Enough spawns / cells (42T and 22CT spawns)


    On Sunday, September 3rd we will be playing the maps to try them out. A post will be made, in the members section, and you can post your rating for each map and we will average it out to get our community rating for each map.



    Let’s speak now about, the most important part, what do the winners get! Cash prizes are split like this:

    1st place:  400$ + A 6 GB server for six months valued at $270 thanks to www.pulseservers.com

    2nd place:  100$

    3rd place:  50$


    ***For sG members only*** If any member places in first, second, or third place, they will receive an additional $50 - Donated by Don Juan




    To participate to this contest, you will have to finish and publish your map before September, 1st.If you think you are going to participate, we are asking you to go on the following website. You will be able to register with your steam account, and see other participants.



    To be valid, you have to publish your map on the workshop or on gamebanana indicating that the map is made for the Jailbreak Mapping Contest and then share it on the website in the “Map” section.

    You will also have to put the following banner in the map:


    Good luck, everybody!

    Minigames Summer Event (June 16th - 25th)

    By Hawk,

    Minigames Summer Event!

    June 16th - 25th




    Welcome to Minigames Summer Event!

    In this event there will be two ways of getting a prize, "Skin hunt" and by completing objectives/achievements.

    Every achievement is one ticket into a raffle, you can only get each achievement once.
    Gather your achievements during June 16th - 25th, you will have 3 days to send in your achievements after the event has ended (26th - 29th).
    All finished achievements must be sent in a pm to me on the forums. The pm must contain all of the completed achievements with proof/screenshots.
    First drawn will pick prize first, you can only win one prize from the raffle.

    Skin Hunt!:

    Witness Hawk use all of the following skins:

    Cortana, Primetime draven, Sylvanas, Duke nukem, Predator, Deadpool, Juliet, Valencia, Drone and Chris Walker

    It has to show my name!
    First three people to send a pm to Hawk with a screenshot of every single skin posted above will receive:



    1st: 50k credits and 3 raffle tickets

    2nd: 25k credits and 2 raffle tickets

    3rd: 10k credits and 1 raffle ticket


    (Skin Hunt will last until the 29th)



    Juke master

    Finish deathrun_nuke as a CT (Screenshot of you at the end of the map) (Must have at least 8 people on the server)


    sG Termination

    Kill a SO or staff member 5 times in one map (Screenshot killfeed, it does not have to be the same person each kill) (Must have at least 8 people on the server)



    Get the most MVP’s on mg_hype2_v1g (Screenshot scoreboard at the end of the map). (Must have at least 8 people on the server)


    Climb pro

    Finish mg_remsopor_csgo under 4 minutes on legit. (Screenshot the time in chat)


    I should play comp

    Be the player with the most frags at the end of mg_orange_city_sgedit_2 or mg_assault_inso_alpha07 (Must have at least 8 people on the server)



    Finish mg_savetheisland_course_final under 5 min on legit.


    Staff war!

    Witness a staff member kill another staff member


    The Hammer

    Witness a staff member lay down the law (Ban/mute/kick/gag)


    Oh baby a triple!

    Get a triple kill (All kills must show in killfeed) (Must have at least 8 people on the server)



    Get an ace mvp. (Must have at least 8 people on the server)


    Ain't afraid of heights

    Be the player with the most frags at the end of 3 of the following maps; (Must have at least 8 people on the server)
    mg_copter_tower_v1, mg_skytower_b1, mg_radiotower_remake_v2, mg_super_tower_sgedit and mg_tv_tower_b2



    Be on the winning team with atleast 4 rounds ahead of the other team on mg_speed_domination_2011_v02a (Must have at least 8 people on the server)


    I like trains

    Have at least 25 kills at the end of mg_ka_trains_detach (Must have at least 8 people on the server)


    The KiD

    Backstab KiD Fearless on mg_pushcircle_kidv3 (Screenshot Fearless confiming in chat)



    Be on the winning team with 0 deaths and at least 10 kills on mg_piratewars_2010csgo (Must have at least 8 people on the server)


    Extra ticket

    If you complete all of the objectives above (Not including "Skin hunt") you will have an extra ticket thrown into the raffle.



    rsz_mgeventwinner_badge_3.jpg Every winner will get an all new MG event winner badge! rsz_mgeventwinner_badge_3.jpg

    3 x 20 dollar steam card

    1 x One month CSGO Premium Admin

    1 x Animated spray

                               1 x Game: Envoy (Donated by Hawk)

                        1 x Game: Don't Starve Together (Donated by Paul)

                             1 x Game: Terraria (Donated by Paul)

                            1 x Game: Tomb Raider (Donated by Paul)

    Donated prizes...


    If you are interested in donating a prize for this event, please message Hawk on the forums/steam or simply post down below.


    Follow sG global guidelines at all times.
    No favoritism.
    No exploitation/cheating in any way.
    Must have a registered forum user account at www.joinsg.net.
    You can only win one prize (Staff are not eligible to win prizes).
    To be eligible for prizes, a player cannot be banned during the duration of event.
    Do not attempt to loophole these rules, if you are caught doing so, you will be disqualified.

    Do not abuse admin power in any form of way, doing so will get your admin privs removed and you will get disqualified from the event.


    If you have any questions or wanna donate a prize pm me on steam/forums or post it down below.

    Good luck!


    Warcraft 3 Map Creator Event


    Warcraft 3 Map Creator Event


    We will be holding an event aimed at creating more maps for the Warcraft 3 Server!

    Timeline has been EXTENDED!





    How this will work

    You have Two Months to create / submit your Map to @ATG_AGENT the final date i will accept submissions will be the 12th of July

    The maps will be looked over as a Primary Inspection to make sure they are playable and work properly before moving to the next step

    Starting the 15th of July we will be playing the maps that have passed the Primary Inspection on the server for One week during this time there will be Bonus Experience for everyone!

    The maps will be judged and awards will be given based on the Prize Section




    Map Requirements

    We are looking for maps that would fit well with the Warcraft 3 Mod

    While making the map please keep in mind that races have: Flight, Low Gravity, Teleports, Bonus Speed, Long Jumps, Invisibility etc - So all of the areas of the map will probably be seen. So careful with invisible textures and other issues you might not normally have in a normal map.

    We are looking for maps that will incorporate the special aspects that the Warcraft 3 Mod brings to Server while still trying to keep the balance between T and CT

    The map needs to be under 150mb



    Prize Section

    There will be a Poll (From the ones that passed Primary Inspection) to decide the Best Map.


    • [First Place]: $60 Steam Gift Card, 3 Months Premium Admin and an Extra 80,000 Credits and also receive a Mapping Event Grand Winner Badge
    • [Second Place]: $20 Steam Gift Card, First pick between Need for Speed Hot Pursuit (Donated by sG | KiD Fearless [MS] [ADV]), or Wolfenstein: The New Order (Donated by sG | Tyrone [SO]) , 3 Months Premium Admin and an Extra 30,000 Credits
    • [Third Place]: Second pick from the donated games, and an Extra 10,000 Credits
    • [Other]All maps that make it past the Primary Inspection and get used on the server will receive a 1 Month of Premium Admin as well as 20,000 Credits


    All maps that we use on the server will also receive a  sG Map Creator Badge

    Please be patient and give us time while you wait for your prizes

    skitt will choose the map that he likes the most and they will receive $40 regardless of whether they have won a prize already or not (Donated by sG | skitt [ENG])






    You must have a forum account registered at www.joinsg.net

    All of sG's Rules and Guidelines will be followed

    Somewhere inside your map please have a section showcasing your Forum Account name / Map details

    Somewhere inside the playable area of the map have the Syndicate Gamers Logo and Forum Link ( www.joinsg.net )

    The Maps you submit must be your own work

    All Textures / Models that are being used in your map should be made by you, part of valve (Source Engine), or have permission and give credit in the "Map Details" location of the map.

    Anyone caught plagiarizing will be automatically disqualified from the Event, as well as any other of the same kind in the future. Further action may also be taken against you.












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