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    • 18 August 2016 Until 28 August 2016

    Staff Changes - 8/20/16

    By Mimic, 0
    Hey Everyone,
    As the end of Summer rolls around it’s time for another round of Staff changes. This time around we’re glad to announce the addition of Yunki as the Rust Advisor. In this position he will work in assisting Karma with the community aspects of the Rust server as well as ensuring the server be fun and accessible for everyone in the community.
    In addition, we are sad to announce the departure of Paul Waffle from his position as a Recruitment Officer and we wish him the best of luck in the future.

    -Mimic, Chairman of the JCS
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    sG Fantasy Football 2016

    By ZachPL, 0
    sG Fantasy Football 2016
    Online Draft Sunday Sept. 4th at 9PM EST/6 PST
    If you can not make the draft you can set your preferred draft order ahead of time.
    We have up to 20 slots available, so first come first served. If all slots are not full we will adjust the amount of teams accordingly.
    League is now full, if anyone wants to drop out before hand, let Avery know.
    Please only join if you plan on playing the entire 17 weeks. It does not take a whole lot of participation you only have to look about once a week. But please keep your team updated and active
    Click here to join

    League ID: 1765369
    League Password: joinsg
    PRIZES: (will be given to playoff winners)
    For those who don't know how this works, teams are giving a draft order and each team picks a player until the team is full, then teams go up against each other each week and whoever has the most points at the end of the week gets the win. Which ever 4 teams have the best record at the end of 15 weeks, go to a two week playoff.
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    Zombie Escape Teamwars (September 2nd - September 9th)

    Lv. 100 Crobat
    By Lv. 100 Crobat, 0
    Looks like is time for another Zombie Escape Event, this time I will bring a new type of event which is a team wars.
    -Must be registered on the forums for at least 1 week.
    -You have to sign up your team in this link: http://www.joinsg.net/forums/topic/72410-zombie-escape-teamwars-sign-up/
    -Follow the sG Global rules and the ZE rules, failure will result your team disqualification.
    -Only a maximum of 5 players per team.
    -The leader has to submit any screenshot of his team completing the objective.
    -Everyone is eligible for prizes.
    -Have a minimum of 24 hours in our servers.
    -Min 2 humans of each team have to complete the map to count the achievements.
    -If 2 different teams complete the achievement at the same time, it will count.
    -Trucing is not allowed and will disqualify your team.
    Achievements (All of them have to be completed as a human):
    アルティマ (Altima): Beat level secret on ze_ffxiv_wanderers_palace.
    Hannibal & Kaemon: Beat Extreme 2 on ze_ffvii_mako_reactor.
    Crobat: Beat level 4 on ze_pkmn_adventure.
    RTV: Beat the RTV level on ze_gris.
    Athletism: Beat level 6 on ze_sky_athletic.
    Puklica: Beat level 5 in ze_Pirates_Port_Royal
    -The winning team will get an award of 100 credits every 2 mins if they're wearing their team tag
    -25K Credits, Animated Spray, Custom Title (Each player is awarded with 1 choice, f.e: they decide to pick custom title, all of them gets custom titles). and x5 20$ steam card.
    I will gladly wait on the leaders to register their teams.
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    • How was it in any way a possible staff leak to post the hidden thread?
    • *get banned by accident for ghosting and end up get permanent ban.  press F to pay respect. F
    • lmao see ya lata patrick   thnx for playing on our servers 
    • While this ban was accidental, I would like to thank you for bringing this player to my attention.

        Two bans for RDM and another for ghosting. Seven bans in total, counting karma bans. I did some digging, on his two latest karma bans.

      Date:Thursday, August 25 2016   Map:ttt_minecraft_67thway_b9   Round:#5, began at 09:12:21 PM At 1:07, he threw a discombobulator, nearly killing KingAlpharune and Kellar Gnomestar. King had not done anything that round. He made no attempt to finish the two off, indicating that they were likely not called out.

      Date:Thursday, August 25 2016   Map:ttt_minecraft_67thway_b9   Round:#6, began at 09:16:57 PM At 0:37, he threw a discombobulator, nearly killing Colorado_Legend. He did not attempt to finish him off.

      Date:Thursday, August 25 2016   Map:ttt_minecraftcity_v4   Round:#1, began at 09:28:32 PM At 0:14, he threw a discombobulator, nearly killing jallen.lee305 and damaging Wolfpa1 and Dullzworth. Still no attempt at finishing them off, giving the impression of a random attack/discombobulator throw.

      Date:Thursday, August 25 2016   Map:ttt_minecraftcity_v4   Round:#3, began at 09:37:04 PM At 0:42, he threw an incendiary grenade, damaging Splooge. At 2:03, he threw a discombobulator, damaging IM A 5 YR OLD SCRUB. Unsurprisingly, there was no reason for either throw.

      The above logs take place around the time of his karma ban on 8/25/2016 at 9:00PM. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
      Date:Wednesday, August 24 2016   Map:ttt_minecraft_67thway_b9   Round:#5, began at 11:24:39 PM At 0:06, he shoots kingdipper97. It is unclear why, and the only possible reason might be random shooting, but as evidenced by patrick's past actions, it can be inferred as unwarranted.   Date:Wednesday, August 24 2016   Map:ttt_minecraft_67thway_b9   Round:#6, began at 11:29:00 PM At 0:47, he started to shoot at SoTotallyNotMachix, killing her shortly after. She had not damaged anyone, that round. At 1:13, he started to shoot at sG | Wintergreen [VET]. This was likely because he witnessed him kill a traitor, but this happened five seconds prior, meaning that Wintergreen probably identified the body and explained the situation already.

      Date:Wednesday, August 24 2016   Map:ttt_minecraft_67thway_b9   Round:#8, began at 11:35:08 PM At 0:26, he started to shoot at ✪SirMeowsAlot #Lundy'sDaddy, killing him shortly after. Nothing had happened yet, during this round. At 0:45, he attempts to kill Milk. Again, nothing had happened to warrant this. This was likely him trying to get a spree out and leave.

      The above logs take place around the time of his karma ban on 8/24/2016 at 10:36PM. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

      These two karma bans happened within an hour of him joining the server, on two consecutive days. Both would have warranted more serious punishments, had there been vigilant admins on. This means that he would have four bans for RDM within six months, resulting in a permanent ban.

      While he will be unbanned for ghosting, another ban will be immediately instated. This one will be permanent. Patrick will be eligible to appeal this ban on 2/27/2017.
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