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    • Eddy

      sG downtime schedule for next week   07/19/2016

      Monday, July 25th- Teamspeak has been moved. If you are unable to connect try using the IP and port 9987   Thursday, July 28th- Database migration, expect all sg services to be down from 10 AM CDT - 3 PM CDT.
    • Travesty

      Want a free copy of Rust?   07/23/2016

      We are giving you guys three chances with our Giveaway.   1. Enter the random Rust Draw by voting for our server (more votes = better chance to win): https://rust-servers.net/server/73932/vote/   2. Explain to us why we should gift you Rust: http://www.joinsg.net/forums/topic/72220-sg-rust-giveaway/   3. Make us a banner: http://www.joinsg.net/forums/topic/72221-sg-graphic-artist-rust-giveaway/   Event Page (August 18th to August 28th): http://www.joinsg.net/forums/topic/72219-sg-rust-event-august-18th-august-28th/  
    • Travesty

      Less than a week to Vote on Recruits!   07/26/2016

      Time is running out.

    sG | RUST EVENT (August 18th - August 28th)

    By Travesty, 0
    sG would like to proudly announce its Official 1st Annual Rust Event!
    Start:  Thursday, August 18th  4:00 p.m. CST
    End:  Sunday, August 28th 7:00 p.m. CST
    Gather: 5x | Craft: ½ | XP: 2x
    Fresh Wipe prior to event start
    … And it starts right now!
    We are giving you three chances to win a copy of Rust prior to the event start. See below for more information:
    1.   Rust Draw
    Want a copy of Rust for yourself or for a friend? 
    Vote here to get a ticket for the draw.
    Sign into steam and click Vote! Make sure your steam profile name is recognizable to who you are. Otherwise your name might get lost. Every vote will count as one ticket. The more votes you give our server, the better chance for your name to be pulled for the draw. You can only vote once per day, so vote every day you can!!! Tickets will start today (previous voters won't count). We will randomly draw the winner on Tuesday, August 16th, 2016.
    2.   Rust Giveaway
    For those who don’t already own the game, tell us why we should gift you Rust prior to the event!
    The person with the best answer (judged by Staff) will win a copy of Rust so they can play in our event.  You must have 25 forum posts and/or 50 hours on any of our servers to enter into this draw. Players that already own Rust will not be eligible for this specific giveaway. Submit your responses here:

    We will draw the winner on Thursday, August 11th, 2016.
    3.   Graphic Artists show us what you got
    We need a banner for our server listing on https://rust-servers.net/
    Maximum resolution is 468x60 pixels. Maximum file size is 1 MB. Allowed file type: jpg / png / gif
    The person with the best logo for our sG Rust Banner will win a copy of Rust so that they can play in the event or gift it to a friend (judged by Centran and Karma) Submit your banners here: 

    We will announce the winner on Monday, August 1st, 2016. So get your entries in ASAP!

    Start:  Thursday, August 18th - 4:00 p.m. CST
    End:  Sunday, August 28th - 7:00 p.m. CST
    What type of Rust player are you? Use your strengths during the event to try win one of these categories!
    THE SAVAGE - Best Kill Death Ratio (KDR)
    Are you a menace to other players and can't be stopped? The savage who has the best KDR during the event will be awarded a prize  
    THE SNIPER - Highest PVP Distance Recorded
    How far can you shoot the enemy from? A prize will be awarded to the best sniper in the server.  
    THE HUNTER - Highest PVE Distance Recorded
    How far can you kill your prey from? A prize will be awarded to the skillful hunter who can kill an animal the farthest away.
    THE ARTISTE - Best Rust Art Piece
    Are you an artiste? A prize will be awarded to the creative artist with the best hand drawn Rust Art Piece. No copy+pasta. Submit your Art Pieces inside this event thread. Prize will be judged by Staff.  
    THE TURRET - Most Helicopter Takedowns
    Do you have the balls to try and take the heli down? A prize will be awarded to the person who can do it the most. Note: The person with the last hit will get the kill. Bring lots of ammo and medical supplies!  
    THE BUILDER - Most Structures Upgraded
    We get it. You like to build shit. But will you be the one to do it the most? The builder who can upgrade their structures the most will get a prize.  
    Boosting will be noticed and tracked. If you try to boost someone or get boosted, you will be disqualified from all prizes.
    If you think someone is boosting, report it to Centran, Karma or myself.
    Rust (x9) Garry's Mod (donated by Ironic) The Binding of Isaac (donated by Dray) Rocket League: Back To The Future DLC (donated by SavagePrincess) Batman: Arkham City Reveal The Deep Kivi, Toilet and Shotgun CS:GO AK Redline (Field Tested) Skin More TBA  
    You may only win one category. If you are the leader for more than one category, the 2nd place finisher will get a prize.
    If you'd like to donate a prize to this awesome event, PM Travesty.
    Every donor will receive an extra ticket for the Rust Draw for each prize they donate.
    During the event, we will track and update this thread as much as we can with the leaders of these categories (except for The Artiste). That way you will get a sense of where you stand before the end.
    So get out there and have fun! Hope you enjoy the 1st Annual sG Rust Event!
    The Savage - Insert your name here - Ratio
    The Sniper - Insert your name here - Distance
    The Hunter - Insert your name here - Distance
    The Turret - Insert my name here - Amount
    The Builder - Insert your name here - Amount
    Note: sG | Staff will be disqualified from winning prizes for this event.
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    Chicago Moves

    By driz, 0
    Hey everyone, you may have heard some rumors about a pending chicago move and I'm here to spill the beans on it. 
    We are doing the move into our host's new datacenter in Chicago, which includes the same level of DDoS protection we currently enjoy. (to put this in perspective, over the last week or so, JB has been hit by between 13-17Gbps every day, multiple times a day with no impact). That being said, I'm moving things as I can when i think the disturbance will be the least impacting.
    War3, JB and Minigames are now moved to Chicago (and in some cases have been moved for a while) the new IP is  Your favorites should've updated on their own, but if not, you can see the ports in our CSGO division forums. DNS should also be working, eg. war3.joinsg.net, ze.joinsg.net mg.joinsg.net. If your DNS is NOT working, this is because your ISP is shit, we can't do anything for you on this issue. Simply use the IP. We will update DNS on the day of the move, so most people's DNS will not work right away. I will update this thread with details as we progress, @fontaine will update the gametracker links in the forums, and your favorites should auto-update. Any issues SHOULD be minimal, but please if you have in-game friends who do not browse the forums, let them know what's going on.  Advisors and SOs, i expect you guys to ensure your players are aware of this thread and the pending moves.
    It has also come to my attention that many of you do not understand what DNS is. DNS assigns a name to an IP (not a port) so war3.joinsg.net = you STILL need to specify a port. 
    Here is a tentative plan of action for the remaining servers. (Week 1 = the week of July 4th)
    (Green:Completed, Orange:In progress, Yellow:Preparing, Red: Problem, Grey: Queued)
    War3 -> Chicago (week0) ZE -> Chicago (week0) MG -> Chicago (week1) Climb1 -> Los Angeles (week1) I am waiting on our host to provision the new system for us. We will have 2 climb servers, one in LA and one in CHI TTTGo -> Chicago (week2)  Rust -> Chicago (week3) Pending new system to resolve issues with linux allowing players TTT Reloaded -> Chicago (week3) Pending creation of some functions we need to operate the way we like by the host Surf -> Chicago (week3) Jailbreak -> Chicago (week4) Competition Servers1 & 2 -> Chicago (week4) Vanilla -> Chicago (week4) Vanilla -> Los Angeles (week4) MySQL -> Chicago (week5)  this will impact many of our games, i will do my best to limit the downtime by pre-positioning data before the cut, but we may need a map change on each server to restore services TS3 -> Chicago (week5) Server provisioned, pending ticket for custom work request  (feel free to use our unofficial sG discord while TS3 is down for the move. https://discord.gg/0nKjfSkRvF7exkNI IPB4/Assets -> Chicago (week5) Dev Server creation -> Chicago (week6)  
    We will have some spare capacity for other servers and will likely add a development box. With an estimated timeframe of 5 weeks to complete the move, we will be paying for our chicago servers and our LA servers concurrently, this means SG contributions to prizes may be a little slim during this time. 
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    Recruitment Reform: Phase 1

    By ChosenOne2000, 0
    Recruitment Reform: Phase 1
    After months of community input and staff debate, we're ready to roll out the next evolution of the sG Recruitment Process.
    Key changes in Phase 1:
    EVERY vote counts as one. In the real world, a person's vote isn't greater or lesser than anyone else. Why should our community be any different? New members, old members, staff, etc; ALL votes count as +1/-1.
    No more abstains. If you're undecided, just don't vote.
    The minimum number of TOTAL votes required for an app to reach a definitive decision point is 25 after one month. After reaching 25 TOTAL votes, the applicant MUST have AT LEAST 66% "Yes" votes for acceptance after one month. Just so we're clear, if some gets a total of 30 votes with 20 "yeses" and 10 "no's"; they're accepted into the clan.
    No more screening questions. If you have the playing hours and/or posts, feel free to apply at the first of the month with no delays.
    No more staff voting period. This deletion of the staff voting period allows the community more time to vote on the applicant.
    Effective June 1st the automated process will be used for recruitment. You will notice two buttons in the recruitment forum area. they should be self explanatory. Please report any and all issues you encounter in Private messages to Staff. We utilized test accounts to verify things were working, but as in anything, numbers can cause issues. ANYTHING that doesn't look right, please report.
    @applicants, you will apply entirely in the app. Your vote count and subsequent acceptance or denial into the clan will be determined automatically. Your promotion to recruit, promotion to L1 and/or demotion back to member will occur automatically.
    @voters, if a recruit does not have enough referrals to be voted on, you will only see a window to refer them. This does NOT mean you have to refer them, it just means you can't vote until they have enough referrals. The page will automatically allow voting once 5 referrals are reached.
    @all, if i catch you trying to do naughty things (it's all logged) I will permanently IP ban you (not eddy 6 month permanent, forever permanent)
    Notes: Comments can be left in the plugin, staff can tell who posted and issue infractions/bans. Morons can no longer fuck up the math or vote strings. If you want to leave a comment but not vote, do so via in-game communications, steam, or messages via the forums. The vote application is for voting, not providing feedback without voting.
    The new system goes into effect 1 June. RO's, and other staff members will be available to help answer questions and guide sG into a new era of voting equality.
    - sG Staff 
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