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    By Travesty,

    I see you lurking the forums...


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    September 25, 2019 - Community Update

    By Bear,

    Hey everyone,


    Today's announcement is a fairly large one. To begin with, we’ll announce some of the server changes that I’m sure some of you have noticed. To be transparent, donations and admin subs have been down for a while and while we’d love to continue hosting as many servers as possible, we had to do some shuffling of server locations on our boxes, as well as remove a couple of servers at least for the time being to reduce monthly costs.


    Here is a list of the servers new IPs:


    Warcraft 3:


    Skill Surf (unchanged):





    Zombie Escape, Minigames, Surf RPG, and Rust have all been removed. With that we would like to give a huge thanks to those that have helped with these servers both recently and in the past. Along with that we have a few other staff also leaving the roster.


    Thank you to the following:


    Dark Falcon





    We would also like to welcome Sith as the GMOD TTT Advisor, and Sean moving to SO Advisor.


    As always, we welcome all applications for staff and SOs. Please reach out if you have any questions about applying. 


    A friendly reminder that we are a community that runs on your donations and support. We appreciate every little bit that helps us run. We realize not everyone can donate money directly, but we also have an Amazon affiliate link that does give us a percent of your purchase if you go through it. Unfortunately you cannot use affiliate links through apps on phones, but you can still do all your shopping and add everything to your cart, and prior to checking out visit the site via our link and finish checking out. Every little bit counts.


    Thanks everyone, 

    Syndicate Gamers Staff

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