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    sG | Sunday Funday

    By Travesty,





    With the holidays now over and everyone getting back into the routine of things...

    we decided we should do the same!


    Starting next Sunday, January 13th we'll be hosting a new game each Sunday for you guys to join and play.


    Simply join our discord server to play!





    Sunday, January 13th

    CS:GO Danger Zone

    Host: sG | Vexer

    sG Custom Server vs. sG Community Only



    Sunday, January 20th

    PUBG Custom Server and Jackbox Games

    Host: sG | Travesty

    Vikendi - Snow Map


    Jackbox afterwards!



    Sunday, January 27th


    Host: sG | Karma and sG | Wolfshade

    Start wipe on Thursday, Jan 24th on a server of our choice and raid on Sunday




    Sunday, February 3rd

    SCP: Secret Laboratory
    sG | Sakarra

    SCP: Secret Laboratory is a Free-to-Play multiplayer horror game





    Sunday, February 10th

    Town of Salem TTT:GO

    Host: sG | Sponsored




    Sunday, February 17th

    DOTA 2

    Host: sG | Krony

    10mans and Custom Games!




    Sunday, February 24th


    Host: sG | KiD Fearless



    If you have a game you'd like to suggest we play, please do so by replying to this thread.


    As well, we will likely send everyone to raid a sG server to play, after we're tired of the game played.

    Once we get a routine going, I'm sure a stronger population will grow each Sunday as we saw with our PUBG custom server experiment.