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    • Karma

      Rust is back! Vanilla for now.   05/23/2016

      Our Rust server experienced some issues with the latest update and we are able to run it, but only vanilla for now.
    • Kordless

      Custom Sprays are back!   05/23/2016

      Thanks to our lord and savior Ctark, Custom Sprays are available to be uploaded again.   Visit this link for more information:   

    Recruitment Reform: Phase 1

    By ChosenOne2000,

    Recruitment Reform: Phase 1



    After months of community input and staff debate, we're ready to roll out the next evolution of the sG Recruitment Process.


    Key changes in Phase 1:


    • EVERY vote counts as one.


    In the real world, a person's vote isn't greater or lesser than anyone else. Why should our community be any different? New members, old members, staff, etc; ALL votes count as +1/-1.


    • No more abstains.


    If you're undecided, just don't vote.


    • The minimum number of TOTAL votes required for an app to reach a definitive decision point is 25 after one month.
    • After reaching 25 TOTAL votes, the applicant MUST have AT LEAST 66% "Yes" votes for acceptance after one month.


    Just so we're clear, if some gets a total of 30 votes with 20 "yeses" and 10 "no's"; they're accepted into the clan.


    • No more screening questions.


    If you have the playing hours and/or posts, feel free to apply at the first of the month with no delays.


    • No more staff voting period.


    This deletion of the staff voting period allows the community more time to vote on the applicant.



    Engineers Hard at Work


    Moose, driz, and the other Engineers are hard at work seeking to automate our recruitment process.


    Changes you'll see in the coming weeks:

    • Automated tallies of votes
    • Voting in one or two clicks
    • Anonymous voting
    • Anonymous feedback from the voters to the applicant
    • ...and more to come



    The new system goes into effect 1 June. RO's, and other staff members will be available to help answer questions and guide sG into a new era of voting equality.



    - sG Staff 

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    Custom Sprays Returned!

    By ctark,

    Go forth and change your generic sprays to custom ones!

    For those of you on the Syndicate Transit Theme, look for the cool paint brush on the navigation bar, if you aren't on Syndicate Transit, switch to it for all the custom icon glory, or just click "Sprays", OR click here:  http://www.joinsg.net/custom-spray/customspray/


    Now, why are you still reading this, go out and tag some walls to your hearts desire!


    If you are having trouble making VTF's, check out this thread for help:


    <3 Ctark


    Edit: I'm sorry war3 players, due to an infrastructure change recently, you will not have updated sprays for some time, but I am working on it!

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    Staff Changes 4/17/16

    By Mimic,

    Hey Everyone,


    To go along with the staff changes done last month, we are happy to welcome two new Engineers into Staff. Please extend a warm welcome Karma who will be helping to develop our new Rust server, and Kordless who will be working on website and database development. In addition, I would like to welcome Crobat on to Staff in the position of Zombie Escape Advisor who will assist AntiTeal on the continued development of Zombie Escape in the future.


    Lastly, the Staff Applications page will temporarily be taken down for maintenance as it appears emails are no longer being sent properly. Feel free to send a Staff application via email to staff-applications@joinsg.net if you are interested in any positions on Staff until the Staff Applications page returns.


    Happy gaming!


    - Mimic, Chairman of the JCS

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